Advanced Model X True Wireless Earbud Review

Advanced Sound Group claim they do it all for the love of music. Right on the box are taglines like “Designed for Musicians” and “Mind-Blowing Detail”. It’s obvious that a lot of care went into the design of the Model X True Wireless Earbuds, but for $79.99 do they really provide crystal clear sound? Let’s find out, in the Advanced Model X Review.

Advanced Model X True Wireless Earbud Review


The Model X claims 5 hours of life on the batteries with 5 refills (25 hours total) with the case, so nothing mind blowing there. The case is small and well-designed with a black rubber and metal look. Very sleek and snazzy to my eyes. It even comes with a little lanyard and cloth carrying case!

advanced model X true wireless earbuds accessories extra tips
Along with the cloth pouch, Advanced includes extra silicone and foam tips for the ear pieces, which was a nice touch


The ‘nozzle’ pieces on the Model X are elongated, for better insertion into the ear canal.  The body of the earpiece is correspondingly curved to nuzzle against the outside of the ear and provide 23dB of noise reduction. They claim these features allows for a tighter fit without needing ear hooks, and it works as intended. Once you give the earpiece a little rotation and find the sweet spot, it sits secure.

The elongated nozzles allow for a deep fit after some experimental rotation

Although I can’t help but feel that an ear hook would feel just a tad more secure. Giving a big yawn pushes the earbuds loose a bit, and I’m not sure how they would stand up to a more intensive activity like sprinting.


The earpieces on the Model X have no buttons whatsoever. You issue commands using what they call ‘intuitive touch-control’. This functionality was spotty for me, but does work well when it responds. It took some time to learn the proper touch required for commands, especially the volume control. But after adjusting to it, it did begin to feel intuitive. The automatic Bluetooth connection on the other hand was seamless and painless.

advanced model x true wireless charging case usb

However, bouts of unresponsiveness were common enough for me to notice. And I do wish the volume adjustments, which are made by holding down a long touch, changed value a little slower to allow the user more a fine control. It’s very easy to hold down your finger too long and end up with louder or softer volume than intended.


What struck me about these headphones was how well-rounded they felt. They posses a mellow sort of sound that makes listening to them so easy! The music comes across clear, detailed, and even. And they go very soft on the ears; after a few hours of listening, I felt minimal fatigue.

Advanced Model X True Wireless accessory cloth carrying pouch


The bass is solid, but not in a way you can feelIn striving for clarity of detail, the Model X seats the bass firmly at the bottom and doesn’t let it stray. Listeners looking to get punched in the gut by the kick drum should look elsewhere. Boosting the volume still allows the power of the low-end to come through, but it never comes barreling into the foreground like some other bass-heavy headphones. This bass in these headphones is more something you admire from a healthy distance. And this distance is what sets the stage for the clarity further up the spectrum.


The midrange is ever so slightly scooped, but the result is quite natural-sounding. It seems the Model X makes every effort to add a sense of space to the sound and to allow smaller details to come through. Delicate clean electric guitars sparkle nicely, and even heavier midrange sounds become clearly separated from each other. Every sound sits nicely in its own place, with breathing room to spare. These headphones are more clean and clear than thick or heavy.


I am very impressed with the attention given to the high frequencies. Often, in an effort to convey more details, certain high frequencies will become shrill, harsh or just oddly emphasized. None of this applies to the Model X. The highs retain crispness, and minor sonic details become more prevalent. But never, even after hours of listening does anything become harsh. Its as if Advanced Sound Group figured out exactly which frequencies to alter for an overall easier listening experience.

Sleek, smart design… and all black!


In short, the Model X Earbuds sound great. As promised on the box, they deliver crystal clarity and exceptional detail. The design is smart and compact, and the touch functionality is intuitive (when it responds). They do seem designed with a musician in mind; someone who will listen for the small details, and be listening for long stretches at a time. The clarity and natural-sounding tuning made for a leisurely listening experience that seemed to reveal all the nuances my music had to offer. If you like your sounds warmly saturated or with an in-your-face-bass, these are probably not for you. But I sure had good time!

Find the Advanced Model X True Wireless Earbuds on their website here.

Advanced Model X Review

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