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For a while now I’ve had some people telling me I have to try the EarFun Wave –  a new wireless over-ear headphone retailing for $49 on Amazon.  Well, today I am finally sitting down at my review desk with this inexpensive headphone.  And while it certainly won’t break the bank, how does it sound?

EarFun Wave Review

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The Wave comes in a fairly hum-drum box with a carrying case, an aux cable, and a micro-USB cable for charging the headphones.

There’s no ANC to speak of, but the EarFun Wave does offer a longer battery life because of this, with up to 40 hours depending on volume levels.  Running on Bluetooth 5.0, this headphone supports AAC and SBC codecs.  While there’s no support for aptX and the charging comes in the form of a micro-USB port, what did you really expect at this price?

In terms of build, this headphone makes use of plenty of plastic, and just a smattering of aluminum.  As a result, it feels relatively solid but lightweight, tipping the scales at just 9.5 ounces.

Once placed over my gigantic ears, the pads seem to envelope and swallow up my ears.  As mentioned, there is no ANC in the works here, but due to the comfortable and deep padding, the Wave does a good job of blocking out ambient noise.

The headphones pack well, being able to fold up into a roughly-football shaped mass, but not being able to swivel the cups much.  As such, I could easily see some folks commuting with this headphone, though personally, I feel like I would prefer a headphone that could lay flat.

Bluetooth pairing is short and painless.  And the inclusion of a aux cable means I could test this headphone on my iPod too, and not just with my phone via Bluetooth, for a better understanding of the sound quality.

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Low End

In the low end, the Wave delivers some okay detail and a just-slightly-punchy bass response.  As such, rock and electronica – as well as hip-hop – seem to benefit from that extra little bit of oomph.  Even synthwave tracks seem to gain a little bit of weight from that bass response.  And, though the detail could be more present, that extra bit of emphasis on low frequency percussion really makes for an engaging listening experience.


Where the mids are concerned, the EarFun Wave doesn’t sound too crazy or inaccurate – something I generally fear with headphones this cheap.  Presentation feels just a tiny bit reserved, keeping abreast with lows and highs for a very balanced sound overall.  While displaying some compression here, these mids remain detailed enough to handle most test tracks – including classical and jazz staples.

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High End

Highs appear slightly peaky, but still pleasant.  This leads to a fairly engaging sound, especially when paired with the thick bass and impressive midrange.  While not so damning on rock, hip-hop, pop, or electronic tracks, the highs can seem just a tad bit overpowered when it comes to jazz and classical tracks.


There some depth here, but not a ton of space.  Soundstage seem fairly on par with any other closed-back over-ear headphone – enough to gain a gist of where instruments might sit.  However, on more complicated recordings, things tend to feel like they overlap or bleed into one another.  While this mediocre soundstage can still work with some simple tracks, it’s not spacious or full enough to really do justice to classical or jazz works.

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If you need a good pair of over-ear headphones with long battery life and no ANC, definitely consider the EarFun Wave.  At $49, this budget earphone delivers a fairly comfortable listening experience.

Folks who have the means to spend a little more should perhaps also consider the more expensive Audio Technica ATH-M50x BT.  This wireless over ear headphone also skips the ANC in favor of longer battery life.  However, at $199, it’s a more premium headphone with way more detail.  Where the EarFun Wave struggles, this headphone excels, and I highly recommend it if you can afford the price.

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Final Analysis

With its low price and fair sound, the EarFun Wave offers a decent listening experience for a budget headphone.  While better options may abound for those who can lay down more cabbage, at the end of the day the Wave delivers a fairly just performance.  Our take?  If you’re looking for bargain-priced Bluetooth, this headphone may deserve a gander.

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