Air Earbuds by CrazyBaby

Air Earbuds by CrazyBaby

Update: 12/01/2016: Air Earbuds by CrazyBaby, smashing their Indiegogo Campaign goal by 4624% – raising over $2 million through the crowdfunding platform.

Update 11/22/2016: Air Earbuds by CrazyBaby is now available in three new “interstellar” colors after smashing their Indiegogo goal – raising over $1.5 million in funding. Air is available in Lava Orange, Space Grey, and Volt Green.

Update: 11/14/2016: Air Earbuds by CrazyBaby have released their first stretch goal in after reaching $1 million in crowdfunding. Each backer will have the opportunity to purchase Air Leash, a tear-free neckband to link your Air Earbuds for extra security while partaking in extreme sports.

Update 11/08/2016: Air Earbuds by CrazyBaby is currently available via Indiegogo for the next 24 days. So far, the tech company has smoked their own campaign goal by 1711 percent. Way to go!

There is no shortage of wireless headphones on the market now that the headphone jack is being phased out by Apple. Looking to take wireless to the next level are Air earbuds by CrazyBaby.

Air Earbuds by CrazyBaby

This pair of wireless buds are designed to untether you from your smart devices and communicate via Bluetooth. Air earbuds automatically pair to one another when removed from their portable charging and storage case. Using Bluetooth 4.2, Air pairs with other Bluetooth enabled devices whether it be cell phones, tablets, laptops, virtual reality headsets, and more.

Each earbud is ergonomically designed to establish a secure and comfortable fit in your ears. The buds also feature a sweat resistant body (IPX 5) so your workout can be intense and safe on your buds. Whether working out or commuting, controlling your music is easy with a simple tap of the single button control. This same button has the ability to access your phone’s assistant.

When it comes to your audio, Air was built with the latest CSR high quality decoding chip that provides consistent reliable connection while a custom equalizer and stereo sound technology provides high fidelity audio.

Air Earbuds by CrazyBaby

At this time, I’m unsure of how long the buds can run off of one charge (average playtime is usually 2-3 hours), but an hour of rest in the “Crazy-Capsule” fully charges the ear buds. Also, the case is able to store up to three full charges for your buds.

Air is headed to a crowdfunding platform soon. For now, interested buyers can sign up for notification of Air’s launch day-deal and receive 40 percent off of the market price, totaling a super low price of $89.

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