Snapchat Spectacles, Instagram Feel The Shade

Snap Inc.’s new glasses allow users to make memories, quite covertly, from their face rather than their cell phone. This definitely sounds like shade for Instagram. Meet Snapchat Spectacles.

Snapchat Spectacles, Instagram Feel The Shade

The quirky-looking coke bottle sunglasses are the perfect tool for capturing the perfect snap from your perspective. Whether you are an athlete, baker, traveler, or regular Joe, these glasses will definitely take your snaps to the next level with a vantage point only you can provide.

Snapchat Spectacles

The glasses are able to capture a 10-second snap by simply holding down a record button on the left arm. As the specs record your 10-second memory, passerby will be notified by the border around the camera lens lighting up – so all that scandalous NSFW stuff you thought you’d capture might need to take back seat. Then, wirelessly, the recorded memory will be uploaded to your story.This can be done over Wi-Fi if you have an Android device. If you are running iOS, your memories will transfer by default over the glasses’ Bluetooth connection. You can also choose to can transfer them at a higher resolution over Wi-Fi.

Snapchat Spectacles

For those of you truly interested in the real specs on these specs. The camera built into the sunglasses have a 115 degree lens. While Snapchat’s are normally about 10 seconds, The Verge explains the Snap Specs are able to record up to 30 seconds. If you do not have your cell phone while recording, or decide which ones you’d like to upload a little later, the glasses are able to store the snaps.

When it comes to battery I’m unsure of all the details, but has reportedly said, “You can get about a day out of your Spectacles. Also, there is an outward-facing light that acts as a battery indicator. Users can double tap it to see just how much life is left on their new specs. In addition, the specs charge when placed inside of their case.

This seems like a good tool for Snapchat to regain some of it’s lost users after the successful launch of  Instagram’s Snapchat like Instastory.

Snapchat Spectacles will be available in limited quantities in colors black, red, and teal for $130. At this time, where or when they will be available is TBA.

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