Kokoon Headphones Sense Your Sleep

Kokoon Headphones

Having trouble falling asleep? These cans may be your new sleeping companion. Meet Kokoon headphones, designed to rock-a-bye baby you all the way to sleep.

Kokoon Headphones Sense Your Sleep

Kokoon headphones were created to make sure you get the best night’s sleep possible. Developed by a restless CEO (Tim Antos) who often found himself pondering how much time he lost from lack of sleep, Kokoon is able to determine how and when to adjust your music (ambient or white noise) as you fall asleep and wake up.

Using EEG sensors along the headband, the headphones are able to monitor your sleeping patterns. With these readings the headphones are able to use smart technology to gradually wake you up at the best possible time, so as not to shock your body out of sleep, but subtly wake you up at an optimal time to have more energy throughout the day.

The frame is specially built for you to wear comfortably while sleeping. Taking inspiration from high-tech pillows and sport shoe technology, Kokoon headphones are made from gel cushioning called FlexMould. The material takes shape to your head and ears making for a comfortable night’s rest. The ear cups aren’t bulky since most of the tech is hardwired through the headband. When it comes to audio, the company promises high quality sound thanks to their partnership with ONKYO.

Kokoon successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2015 and is now working with Robotae robotics consultancy to mass produce more units. Kokoon CTO Richard Hall said they chose Robotae as their partner due to its reliability and experience. “We needed to de-risk the project and it was vital to have electronics design and support we could rely on. Robotae was involved in taking the design past ‘proof of concept’ into ‘full development,’ working on second-generation prototype electronics. This was critical to the development of our physical product and scientific research activities.” Robotae, on the other hand, said they see potential for Kokoon as a medical device.

Kokoon is currently for pre-order for $229. Headsets will ship March 2017.

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