Alpha & Delta JAAP Truly Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

Alpha Delta JAAP Truly Wireless In-Ear Headphone

The concept of “true wireless” earphones is not a new one but here we are in late 2017 and most of the true wireless earphones I’ve encountered have been disappointing. So you can understand my skepticism when the Alpha and Delta JAAP Truly Wireless Sports Earphones (priced under $100) came across my desk. But I’m always willing to give a new product a fair shake. So I’m about to run the JAAP Truly Wireless Earphones through a full and thorough review.

In The Box

The Alpha & Delta JAAP comes with quite a few extras. I’d be happy to simply have a nice true wireless in-ear headphone but the JAAP takes accessories seriously. Inside the package you’ll find the following:

  • 3 pairs of silicone tips
  • 3 pairs of Spinfit tips
  • 1 pair of foam tips (medium)
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 portable battery charger
  • 1 hard case
  • 1 pair of JAAP true wireless earphones
Alpha Delta JAAP Truly Wireless contents in the box
Alpha Delta JAAP Truly Wireless contents in the box


The JAAP true wireless earphone has some pretty impressive features. For starters they’ve implemented Bluetooth 4.2 which is currently the best you’ll get until Bluetooth 5.0 products start hitting the market. The over-ear hook design of each earpiece provide excellent stability for sport applications as well as everyday use. And the JAAP truly wireless earphone is IPX5 water resistant meaning it’s easily sweatproof for daily workouts and exercise routines.

The Alpha and Delta JAAP also features 11mm dynamic drivers and battery life of 6-7 hours. The most intelligent feature however is the portable battery charger that will extend the life of your JAAP earphones 6-7 more hours. This handy wire has the battery placed in the middle with micro USB plugs on either side. Once plugged into the earphones you can use the JAAP right away with the cord attached or use it to charge your headphone for the next use. I personally managed to drain the JAAP onboard battery and discovered the charge time is only 1.5 hours. The last feature to note on the Alpha and Delta JAAP is that it supports HD hands-free as well as Multipoint and is fully compatible with iOS.

JAAP Truly Wireless Headphone Portable Battery Charger
One of the best features of the JAAP Wireless is the portable charger
JAAP Truly Wireless Headphone Portable Charger
JAAP Truly Wireless Headphone portable charger can extend the life up to a total of 14hrs


When it comes to “true wireless” earphones connectivity is usually the first of many things that become an immediate problem. Keeping two independent wireless earphones paired together has seemingly been an engineering nightmare for manufacturers. Pairing the JAAP Truly Wireless Earphones with my iPhone 6S was absolutely no trouble at all. By simply holding down the “Master Function” button on the left earbud you’ll put it in pairing mode. Soon after this it will show up in the “Available Bluetooth Devices” in your smartphone menu. Then repeat these steps in order to pair the right earbud. For me, the JAAP connected right away without any trouble whatsoever. During my 24-hour test I did get a few dropouts here and there. All things considered each time was brief and the audio resumed right away. It’s quite normal to get a small amount of interference in a Bluetooth device like this and overall it wasn’t a big deal.

My only complaint is that I had to unpair and repair each earphone every time I used it. Even though the JAAP showed up as a previously paired device the earphone seemed to have no memory of my device. I also tried to connect the JAAP with a Samsung J7 and it did not work. Apple iPhone users will have no issues but Android owners may want to consult some forums or Alpha & Delta to be sure it is compatible.

Alpha Delta JAAP True Wireless Earphone for sport and everyday use
Alpha Delta JAAP True Wireless Earphone for sport and everyday use

Design and Comfort

A good true wireless in-ear headphone for under $100 seems almost impossible considering the prices some companies charge for their “high-tech” yet non-functioning wireless earphones. The Alpha and Delta JAAP however is totally surprising me so far.

The build of this earphone is very solid and the over-ear design makes it perfect for everyday use as well as working out. The fit of the JAAP was very nice and didn’t seem to bother me at all in the many times I used it. The electronics housing sits snugly in the back of the ear and I even found it didn’t get in the way of my sunglasses during my morning walk.

As Always I went straight for the Comply foam tips and got amazing isolation and a comfortable fit. Considering all the different tips available for the JAAP, users are sure to find exactly what works best for their daily application.

The MF (multi-function) buttons are a nice size and easy to use. The main purpose of the MF button is to turn the Alpha and Delta JAAP on and off but you can even use it for starting, stopping and skipping tracks on your smartphone.

Wireless Range

For most of my test of the Alpha and Delta JAAP Truly Wireless earphone I connected them to my smartphone and kept them in my pocket. I did do a Bluetooth range test and got good results. The JAAP worked perfectly at 30 feet with direct line of sight and even worked with some obstacles between me and the source. You’ll get the best results though with close proximity to your source and with line of sight and no walls or furniture in between.

Phone Calls

Accepting phone calls on the JAAP true wireless is very easy. Simply press the MF button on the “master earbud” which is simply the first one paired. Alpha and Delta recommend using the left but I’m not sure why. This also brings up another important fact though. If you’re just interested in using the JAAP for hands-free phone calls, simply connect just one earphone. You’ll only hear the phone call audio in the master earbud anyway. Even if you have both earbuds connected.

I tried the phone feature and it worked quite nicely. The person on the other end had no problem hearing me and I could hear them as well. As with any headset you’ll find it will still be able to pick up background noise. In most situations however you’ll find the JAAP to work great for all your phone call needs.

Alpha Delta JAAP Truly Wireless Sport Earphone is IPX5 water resistant
Alpha Delta JAAP Truly Wireless Sport Earphone is IPX5 water resistant

How Does It Sound?

I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it this far but so far I’m pleasantly surprised with the Alpha and Delta JAAP Truly Wireless. But now comes the really important part… the sound. I didn’t see a frequency range spec for the JAAP earphone but I’d presume it’s the standard 20Hz to 20kHz. I listened to a wide range of music from darkwave synth to hard hitting rock. I broke it down into bass, mids and highs to give you a profile of how they sound. Keep in mind I mostly used the foam ear tips and the silicone tips will likely get better results in certain frequencies. A good seal is absolutely necessary for the best results.


Getting bass on wired earphones is usually hit or miss so listening to the Alpha and Delta JAAP was eye opening. The low frequencies in some of my favorite electronic tracks hit hard with a punch I didn’t expect. Sub-oscillator sounds were pumping from the JAAP true wireless earphone and it kept up with almost anything I threw at it. There was a small amount of distortion on a few tracks but only at full volume. Overall the bass was amazing.


The mid range on the JAAP Truly Wireless earphone was pretty good. It really depended on what track I was playing. When listening to rock tracks from bands like the Pixies I found the mids were quite balanced and clear. Other tracks felt a little attenuated in the mid frequencies. This was usually bass heavy electronic tracks. Overall I did enjoy it though.


I found the high frequencies to have the same effect as the mids. I felt myself wanting just a little bit more on the top-end but it really depended on the track and the mix. “In Bloom” by Nirvana was very nice (thanks to Butch Vig and Andy Wallace) with plenty of bass, mids and highs. I found this trend all across the board. In the end I found myself pleased with the result.

Final Review

I tried to be as thorough as I could with the Alpha and Delta JAAP Truly Wireless In-Ear Headphone because I know the reputation of several others out there to be okay at best. The Alpha & Delta JAAP however shined in every category. From comfort and durability to a longer lasting battery and decent quality sound the JAAP excelled. This well designed true wireless earphone finally has me hopeful that high-end IEM’s could soon have full audiophile quality sound in a compact, ergonomic earphone. All across the board the JAAP Truly Wireless earphone seems to live up to the claims that they’re better than some of the top true wireless in-ear headphones on the market. You can get the best price on the Alpha & Delta JAAP Truly Wireless Earphone on AMAZON

Alpha Delta JAAP Truly Wireless Earphone
Alpha Delta JAAP Truly Wireless Earphone



Bluetooth Chipset: Bluetooth 4.2 CSR64110
Driver: 11mm Dynamic Driver
Battery capacity: 90 mah
Portable battery charger capacity:
Music playback time: 6 hours ( 14 hours with battery charger)
Talking time: 7 hours (15 hours with battery charger)
Charging port: Micro USB Type B
Build in microphone: Yes
Microphone sensitivity: -38 dB
Supports Multipoint: Yes
Supports HD hands-free: Yes
Battery status on IOS devices: Yes

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