New Release iFi iGalvanic3.0 Launch Ahead of IFA 2017

iFi iGalvanic3.0 IFA 2017 Headphones

iFi continues to develop conveniently-sized audio solutions for audiophiles and their new USB-based unit doesn’t fall short. Meet iFi iGalvanic3.0 for computer-based audiophiles.

New Release iFi iGalvanic3.0 Launch Ahead of IFA 2017

The portable unit measuring up at 93mm x 67mm x 28mm and weighing 128g is said to be the “ultra audiophile-grade galvanic isolation device aimed purely at computer audiophile systems and nothing else.” How so? iGalvanic3.0 separates the electrical circuits which helps to eliminate stray noise currents. Signals are individually routed to pass between galvanically isolated circuits. This way any stray noise or currents are blocked. This type of feature is said to be very hard to achieve on USB 3.0. But now,it has been done.

iFi iGalvanic3.0 can be plugged into any computer. It features advanced USB2.0 and USB3.0 galvanic isolation of the USB signal with 5GHz Super-Speed (beyond DSD512/768k), Zero Delay – advanced isolation technology, without any added processing or timing uncertainties (and delays), Groundlink for breaking None/One/Multiple Grounds which cause buzzing, a Stealth Converter, and ultra-low noise 0.5uV power supply.

There’s also something called Double REclock2/REgenerate2/REbalance2 that iFi describes as a feature for USB (since its bi-directional protocol) provides unique double REgenerate/REclock/Rebalance before AND after galvanic isolation, this ensures perfection transmission on both upstream and downstream.

iFi suggests pairing iGalvanic3.0 with iDefender3.0 and iPower for a supreme listening experience. They’ve set-up a pre-launch bundle deal totaling $368. This means the iDefender3.0 and iPower are thrown in for $19. Once this offer ends, the retail price of the iGalvanic3.0 will return to $349 (ex-tax). The special deal lasts until September 10.

If you’re heading to IFA in Berlin, iFi will be exhibiting and I’m assuming they’ll be showcasing iFi iGalvanic.

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