In iOS 10 Apple Music Gets Easier to Use

iOS 10 Apple Music

Monday was Apple‘s big 2016 World Wide Developer Conference and they unveiled a few updates, including adjustments to the interface of Apple Music.

In iOS 10 Apple Music Gets Easier to Use

Apple is looking to make navigating its music application much simper in iOS 10. The streaming service took an Instagram-like approach to update its platform. The Cupertino-based company opted for a minimalist vibe, making user selections stand out more. The background is white featuring bold, black lettering while album visuals are in color.

When initially launching the app, users will first see their Library. Apple nixed the “New” section for “Browse” which gives access to user’s “Recently Played” songs as well as smart playlists. The service now features a few new options, like “For You” which is also found under “Browse.” “For You” is a compilation of suggested music for you based on recently played songs, likened to Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist.

The new menu for the app will read as Library, “For You,” “Browse, “Radio,” and “Search.”

Another cool feature is once a song is playing, when the user moves onto another section, a thumbnail of the album artwork will appear with controls to play, pause, or skip tracks. Lyrics will also be displayed while songs are playing. That should be fun!

In addition, Apple has added a 3D Touch function which should make it easier for users to preview and share tracks to social media.

Apple execs announced a few other advancements that have been made to Apple products, like the Apple Watch. The piece of high-tech arm candy will feature a health app called Breathe. The app reminds you when to breathe based on your your speed and number of breaths per minute. Users can also set reminders of when to breathe.

Moreover, the Apple Watch can now recognize your handwriting as you draw on the touch screen, if you so choose to, while responding to a text message. Pretty Cool! There are also new graphics available for the Apple Watch.

WWDC is based in San Francisco and will run until June 17.

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