[Updated New Releases] Apple September 12 Event: How To Watch, New Releases, Launch Dates, Rumors

Apple iPhone X Apple September Event

Update 9/12/2017: Find out All the updates from the Apple September 12 Event below 🙂

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone 8: 4.7 inches, highest quality video capture ever in a smartphone, video encoder for faster frame rates and better video, real time dimension analysis (analyzing 2 million tiles per second), improvements on slow motion video 1080 240 fps

iPhone 8 Plus: builds upon iPhone 8, 5.5 inches, 2 new sensors for sharper details and natural bokeh in photos, portrait lighting in which dual camera sensors pick up on the scene and create a depth map, separating the subject from background, draws on the facial landmarks, and creates landmarks to contour light around the face. Augmented reality will become a reality with iPhone 8 Plus consisting of hardware integrated for AR, camera calibrate for low light at 60 fps, also benefits from A11 bionic chip. Users can engage with AR (for example, watch a game, hold up your phone, and get player stats or scan the sky and receive information on the sky that’s around you).

Both phones: Body comprised of aerospace-grade aluminum, most durable glass in a smartphone, Advanced LTE with Bluetooth 5.0, supports beats studio, AirPods, and wireless

iPhone X

surgical grade stainless steel edge, glass front and back, water resistant, super retina display 5.8″ diagonal, 2436 x , 458ppi, OLED tech display, raise to wake, tap on screen wakes, no home button, swipe up from bottom to go home, “Face ID”, TrueDepth Camera System, Nueral Engine created to adapt to changing face characteristics, resistant against photos and professional masks, works with Apple Pay and 3rd party apps. $1000 retail price. Goes on sale October 27 and ships November 3.

Apple Watch Series 3 Apple September 12 Event

Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular built in! You won’t need your phone since you’ll be able to receive calls which seem pretty clear since the unveil included the presenter making a live call to a colleague who was out paddle boarding on a lake. The watch will use the same number as your cell phone. Maps as well as music will be able to make going for a run easier than ever. Apple Watch paired with Apple Music along with Apple AirPods will allow users to stream up to 40 million songs from your wrist. The watch is 70 percent faster thanks to a new processor. This will also allow Siri to speak aloud to you. The watch remains small in size since the screen is actually the antenna. Pre-orders can be made September 15 and will be available September 22.

Apple Watch: It was initially designed for people to remain active. Apple has seen “phenomenal” growth since the launch of Apple 2, growing by 50%, according to Tim Cook. Last year Apple Watch was number 2 in the world but it has since reached the number one spot. So how does it plan to stay on top? They’ve added smart activity coaching with a redesigned workout app (with features especially designed for swimmers). Users simply tap on the machine to get going and all their metrics are synced. Apple Heart Rate will also see a redesign to provide users with more info, see heart rate on interface as workout (resting heart rate, recovery heart rate – dropping after workout) , notification when watch detects fluctuations in heart rate when not active 30 hear rhythm, when heart beats irregularly. Apple Heart Study use data from Apple Watch to analyze arrhythmia and notify users and working in partnership with Stanford medicine. Available September 189 to all Apple Watch customers.

Today at Apple Learning Series is a new series happening every day at Apple on their new Apple Campus in Apple Town Square. Town Squares are how Apple is rebranding their retail stores as more of community hubs where people can come to experience their new features, products, together in a fun and safe environment. A promotional video showed clips of people gathering to learn about new photography features as well watching musical performances.


Apple’s major launch event has been officially announced for September 12 and the reveals are expected to be major! I mean this year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Get updated info everything that’s to come in our “Apple September 12 Event New Releases, Launch Dates, Rumors” article. P.S. We will be updating this article regularly.

Apple September 12 Event: How To Watch, New Releases, Launch Dates, Rumors

Apple September 12 Event – How To Watch:

Tuesday, September 12 is looming in the distance and here is how to be front and center as Apple makes their huge yearly announcement taking place at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s new campus at 10am PST. For those of us who weren’t invited (cough) you can stream the entire event at Apple’s website here. But to ensure you have the best seats in the house, make sure your operating systems are up to date if accessing via iPhone, iPad, or iPod with iOS 7. If you’re on a Mac, you’ll need to make sure Safari 6.0.5 is installed and you’re running operating system OS X 10.8.5. If you’ve got a PC (side-eye, jk), you’ll need to have Windows 10 and access the internet using Microsoft Edge. Tech Radar also advises you’ll be able to stream the event through your Apple TV using their Apple Events app. Like any other system, make sure your TV is up to date and you’ve got the app downloaded before the event.

Apple September 12 Event – New Releases:

iPhone 8, 7S, 7

Over the past year, there have been a flurry of iPhone rumors with most reports coming to a final rumored conclusion of the possibility of three new iPhones being released. The rumors, reported by KGI Securities, expect 4.7-inch LCD, 5.5-inch LCD, and 5.8-inch OLED screens on the three new models. OLED display is expected on the iPhone 8 along with some other magnificent features to (possibly) include a bezel-less screen, facial recognition since Apple is reportedly looking to get rid of the home button (and subsequently Touch ID) for a Touch Bar-like feature. There’s also been mention of a wireless charging pad situation and, of course, modifications to the camera. Many suspect a dual-camera which is already in the iPhone 7, but there are rumors for technology that is much much bigger. Augmented reality anyone? Engadget reminded me that “AR is a big priority for Apple, as we saw back at WWDC in June when the company released the ARKit system for app developers.” As for the upgraded iPhone 7 and 7S versions, those phones are expected to receive much smaller upgrades, but also feature a glass-back to enable wireless charging on a pad. The 7S is also said to feature the A11 processor that will be in the iPhone 8.

Apple AirPods 2

Last year, Apple published a number of different patents. To date, we haven’t seen any come to fruition in any new models leading me to believe these new features might make their appearance in Apple Airpods 2. Fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring is likely to be found on the next generation of Apple AirPods. A patent for “Earbuds with Biometric Sensing” was published March 16, 2017 and it advised placing sensors at the location where the ear bud touches the tragus to track biometric measurements.  Also, a few months before that, June 17, 2016 to be exact, Apple published a patent looking into a water resistant speaker. This would make the Apple AirPods resistant to sweat and able to withstand rigorous workouts. Apparently, they’re already aerodynamic (thanks to the funky white stem sticking out of every users’ ears), so AirPods should be able to stay out during those intense workout sessions as well.

Apple Watch

The high-tech wristlet, time keeper, and fitness tracker is expected to feature LTE which would allow the watch to function without the use of an iPhone, according to Bloomberg. Imagine streaming music, receiving texts, and using your map functions all without having to be connected to your cell? It’d be quite magnificent. Bloomberg believes the updated Apple Watch will probably be out by the end of 2017 (in time for the holidays) or early 2018. Either way, this new feature sounds like it’ll make a world of difference.

Operating Systems

In accordance with the the Apple Events before it, this event will probably also happen as simultaneously with a new updates to the iOS operating systems for iPhone. I’m assuming we’ll see a software update notification within 24 hours of the event. We will probably hear more about MacOS, Watch OS, and High Sierra updates during the event.

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