Audeze Announces New MM-500 Studio Headphones

Audeze is looking to add a new premium headphone to their catalog. This time they’ve decided to collaborate with their new head of professional products, and create a new studio-quality, open-back headphone. The MM-50 has been partly developed by Manny Marroquin, who is notable for being a renowned engineer and producer who has won eleven Grammys.

The MM-500 has been built from the ground up to deliver a studio reference sound that mixers can use as a tool for monitoring their work. It aims to capture and translate not only how your mixes sound, but feel. To be able to use such a headphone for extended periods of time, you’ll need something comfortable to wear for long sessions, which the MM-500 looks to accomplish with a lighter chassis and premium leather earpads.

Audeze’s patented, planar magnetic driver help produce faster transients and pinpoint accuracy that helps studio engineers put out their best possible mix. The MM-500’s low impedance also ensures that the headphones are compatible with all studio interfaces and consoles.



Over-ear, open-back

Transducer type

Planar Magnetic

Magnetic structure

Fluxor™ magnet array

Phase management


Magnet type

Neodymium N50

Diaphragm type

Ultra-Thin Uniforce™

Transducer size

90 mm

Maximum SPL


Frequency response

5Hz – 50kHz


<0.1% @ 100 dB SPL, 1kHz


100 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)


18 ohms

Max power handling


Min recommended power


Recommended power level




The Audeze MM-500 will cost $1,699 and should be made widely available in August of this year. You can pre-order it now from Audio46.

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