Austrian Audio Release New OD303 Dynamic Vocal Mic

The high-end pro-audio brand has unveiled a new piece of gear for producers on a budget. They’ve released a new dynamic microphone that aims to deliver the best possible sound for your vocal performance, with a well-balanced sound that doesn’t skimp out on power.

The OD303 is built with rugged construction to withstand daily use in any type of environment, whether you are in the studio or on the road. Not only does its die-cast housing make the microphone highly durable, but it also feels comfortable in the hand according to Austrian Audio.

The OD303 also incorporates the legendary Open Acoustic technology of Austrian Audio which delivers an optimally-shaped super-cardioid polar pattern across a wide frequency band and with excellent feedback stability. 

Sound engineers will greatly appreciate minimum changes in the sound and without increased feedback: Due to the open design, there are only minimal changes in sound and feedback behavior when holding the mic close to the head grille. In addition, the proprietary 3D Pop Noise Diffuser, developed by Austrian Audio, reduces noise caused by explosive sounds such as “T” and “P”.

With the OD303, Austrian Audio focuses on developing a great option for artists looking for quality sound without breaking the bank.

The Austrian Audio OD303 is available for $119. You can find out for information on their website here.

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