Audeze B-Stock Cans Sound Awesome at a Fraction of the Cost

Audeze B-stock
c/o Audio46

Hey friends! Every once in awhile we come across a few amazing blowout sales that we just have to share. It would feel like a disservice otherwise. For all of the Audeze fans out there, the brand has released a limited supply of some of their most highly regarded headphones at a fraction of the price – like $800 less. These products are Audeze B-Stock items. They’ve been refurbished by the manufacturer and include a manufacturer warranty. Moreover, their being sold by article sponsor and authorized Audeze retailer Audio46, so any purchase through them has you covered under their 15-day return policy as well as the manufacturer warranty.

Audeze B-Stock Cans Sound Awesome at a Fraction of the Cost

P.S. This article has been sponsored by Audio46 and may contain affiliate links. However, thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. TBH (to be honest), we like Audeze headphones, but we like saving money even more. Happy shopping friends!

Audeze B-Stock – iSine10 $269 $399
This open-back planar magnetic earphone is lightweight and portable. The units contain 30 mm drivers and are quite easy to drive at an impedance of 16 ohms and reaches a frequency response range of 10Hz-50kHz. Overall, the iSine 10 has a balanced sound. The mid-range is where this earphone shines. In comparison to other IEMs, the iSine10 delivers various elements of your music often hidden with other IEMs. This is across a number of genres, including pop, electronic, rock, jazz, and classical.

Audeze B-Stock – iSine20 $399.95 $599
This is another open-back planar magnetic in-ear headphone from Audeze. This unit also contains 30 mm drivers but requires a tad more power running on an impedance of 24 ohms. The iSine20 reaches a frequency response of 10Hz-50kHz. It provides a clear, quick, and punchy low end with rich sub-bass. There’s a nice degree of separation between the low-mids, mid-mids, and high-mids which allows a lot of instruments to really shine. The highs are accented without becoming sibilant making for an overall very detailed listening experience.

Audeze B-Stock – LCD-2 $899 $995
These open-back planar magnetic over-ear headphones are a bit on the heavy side, but the super soft ear cushions make it all okay. Operating at an impedance of 70 ohms using a whopping 106 mm drivers, these headphones reach a frequency response range of 5Hz-50kHz providing a clean and detailed low end. The mids are very present without being too forward while the high-end is articulate. Overall, this headphone delivers on clarity.

Audeze B-Stock – LCD-3 $1499 $1945
This headphone is just as sturdy as the LCD-2, featuring a well-crafted open-back planar magnetic headphone consisting of a 106 mm drivers and reaching the same extended frequency response of 50kHz. However, it drives at 110 ohms. It provides a sound signature with a very full low-end in comparison to the LCD-2. It is relaxed, yet detailed. The mid-range is crisp and clean while the highs are very very detailed (though, sometimes a little bright).

Audeze B-Stock – LCD-4 $3195 $3995
This headphone is also open-back and features large 106 mm drivers reaching a frequency response range of 5Hz-50kHz on an impedance of 200 ohms. The bass is extremely thick and rich, yet controlled. It doesn’t bleed into the mids or highs at all retaining the mids clean and detailed articulation. The highs are controlled with an incredible amount of detail and texture.

Audeze B-Stock – LCD-MX4 $2195 $2995
This special open-back planar magnetic headphone was specially designed with creatives in mind. Even though it features 106 mm transducers it operates at the very low impedance of 20 ohms all the while reaching the extended frequency response of 5Hz-50kHz. The lows are quite thick and smooth. The mids are spacious, warm, and smooth with the high-mids delivering quite a bit of detail. As for the highs, they sound a bit quieter than the rest of the frequency response range. However, they are also smooth making for a very pleasant listening experience.

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