PaMu Earbuds, Truly Wireless for Only $29

PaMu Earbuds

Making their mark on Indiegogo, is PaMu earbuds – a truly wireless set that is only $29 for a limited time.

PaMu Earbuds, Truly Wireless for Only $29

Going earbud-to-earbud with some of the top names in the truly wireless market is newcomer PaMu. These TWS earbuds have already racked in $542,298 from crowd sourcing on Indiegogo (at the time of writing this article). That far exceeds their $10,000 goal. That surely is a testament to the demand for affordable and functional truly wireless buds.

According to Padmate, the company behind PaMu, these buds are better than that of leading brands, including Apple AirPods, Samsung Gear IconX, Jabra Elite Sport, and Bragi Dash. That’s because PaMu features a 10 mm driver, balanced audio, noise cancellation, auto connect technology, a secure and ergonomic fit, and touch controls while the other brands only posses some of these features. Moreover, PaMu also supports a 3.5 hour battery life with a charging case that supplies an additional 12 hours of use. Then there’s the $29 price tag (for now). But even when PaMu retails at it’s MSRP of $109, it’s still a steal!

For those who aren’t completely sold PaMu comes to you from industry professionals with more than 17 years of experience working at Monster, Intel, Huawei, and Xiaomi. The team writes via their campaign page, “Now we want to go directly to our customers because we have the dream of developing the best audio devices for all of our customers… This pricing does not mean the quality is bad, but instead we want to attract the best by offering the lowest price to our super early backers.”

In that case, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain with PaMu. Hurry on over to their Indiegogo page to grab your $29 PaMu truly wireless earbuds before it’s too late.

P.S. If interested, you’ve got four days.

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