Best Earphones For Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

With each new big smartphone release, one of the big questions that are inevitably brought up is whether or not it has a headphone jack. In the case of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, the answer is sadly no. However, that doesn’t keep you from having to switch over to Bluetooth headphones and true wireless earphones if you prefer the wired experience.

USB Type C earphones have grown in quality since the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from most major smartphones, and there is quite a variety to choose from. It might get a little confusing trying to figure out which ones are the best, so here is a list of some of the type C earphones that we would recommend. If you’ve read some of our past articles, like the one of the Google Pixel 6, some of these entries might be familiar to you, but there are also some new ones to look out for as well.

Samsung AKG

Samsung Type C Earphones 

Believe it or not, Samsungs own type C earphones might just do the trick. It helps that Samsung teamed up with AKG, a manufacturer that has developed so many great headphones in the past. The quality of those headphones is nicely reflected in these earbuds, with a clean and even sound signature that most listeners can enjoy. They’re also comfortable and are good for phone calls too.

ACAGET Earphones

ACAGET USB Type C Semi-In Ear Earphones

We haven’t discussed any product from ACAGET before on MajorHiFi, but they’re popular on Amazon and worth the mention. If you’re more into that classic ear-pod design that Apple is mainly known for, then these will be the best type C earphones to suit your comfort needs. This is also a notable earphone in terms of its design, using its type C termination in order to give you a higher-resolution DAC that comes right with it. It can decode sample rates up to 192 kHz/24 Bit, which is ideal for listening to lossless music streaming.

Strauss and Wagner EM8C

I can never not recommend the EM8C from Strauss and Wagner, as I believe them to be one of the best on the market. S&W has a few good earphones and a good over-ear headphone too, and they all have one thing in common, and that is good sound. The EM8C in particular is meaty but well structured, focusing on the bass but giving clarity to the mids and highs. They also have the easiest fit, and the call clarity isn’t all that bad either.

CoolME Earphones

CoolMe Stage Magic

The Stage Magic is another set of earphones that we like to recommend due to some of its unique features. Its super bass and gaming modes make this more of a versatile pair of type c earphones, not only giving you a fun sound for your smartphone but also makes for a good fit for your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. This is definitely one of the best picks for immersion.


This is the simplest type C earphone on this list, but it is still effective in giving you a good sound. With the SoundFlow you also get some of the most easy-fitting type C earphones available, with great comfort without fatigue. There’s no trick to them, the Soundflow is just a good reliable pair of buds.

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