The Best Headphones 2016 Edition

focal headphones Best Headphones 2016

It’s been a hell of a year for tech. So let’s take a look back at some of the latest and greatest  headphones to make a name for themselves in 2016. These are the best headphones 2016 edition.

The Best Headphones 2016 Edition


MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 Review Best Headphones 2016

Pinnacle P1 – A newcomer, but a top contender, the Pinnacle P1 from MEE Audio is a stellar in-ear for those who crave a little accurate bass in their buds at an affordable price and a luxe look. The zinc alloy housings protect the dynamic drivers (which deliver deep bass and smooth mids, and clear highs) while a MMCX connection provides a durable, lasting build. Grab these from MEE Audio for $199.99 or head over to Amazon for a sweet bundle (officially sold by MEE Electronics) offering MEElectronics Pinnacle P1 with the FiiO A3 Amp, an SD card, and aux cable at $199.99.

Westone W10 – If you’re looking for the cleanest and clearest of audio under $200, this is it. Westone is known for the high resolution in-ear monitors and the W10 does not disappoint. It’s got a durable build thanks to a braided cable and MMCX connection. The box comes equipped with a cable featuring an in-line mic and controller as well as 3 color casings too customize your buds and memory foam ear buds.


Audio Technica SR5BT Best Headphones 2016

ATH-SR5BT is a lightweight and sleek way to go wireless. The on-ear design with plush ear cups delivers the signature warm Audio Technica sound bass heads love so much in a more portable frame. These babies also support a whopping 38 hours of wireless use while only requiring 5 hours to charge. I’ll take it! The SR5BT comes in both white and black colorways and retails for $199 but is currently on sale for $129 on Amazon.

MajorHiFi ATH-MSR7 brown side Best Headphones 2016 Beyerdynmic Byron BTA

Beyerdynamic Byron BTA is a nice and lightweight wireless in-ear bud. Offering balanced audio with a little oomph in the bass, this is a must grab. The $199.99 BTA includes a wireless charging dock, which is pretty nice, but if you don’t really care for those kinds of extras can opt for the cheaper Byron BT for $99.99. Both earbuds keep your tunes pumping for 7.5 hours on a full charge and include spare tips and silicone hooks for extra stability.

Active Noise-Cancelling

Best Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling Sennheiser Momentum 2 MajorHiFi ATH-MSR7 brown side Best Headphones 2016

A superb wireless and noise cancelling combo that is a top rank through 2016 is Sennheiser Momentum 2 wireless. These headphones provide clarity across the entire frequency range, with deep, controlled bass, rich mids, and lush highs. The headphones provide up to 22 hours of play and talk-time over Bluetooth technology. There is no option to turn off ANC so be prepared to tune out the world every time you turn these babies on.

While some may argue Bose QuietComfort 35 is a match I’d say there is a difference between these two. The QC35 delivers on active noise cancellation abilities while Sennheiser provides for your audio quality needs.

Bose QuietComfort 35 QuietControl 30 Soundsport MajorHiFi ATH-MSR7 brown side Best Headphones 2016

Bose QuietComfort 35 – If you want the best in noise cancelling, we got to give it to Bose, even if they are a super commercial brand. The QC35’s provide the best noise cancellation I’ve heard to date. Be it, the audio quality is pretty good, though the bass could be more controlled. These headphones will give you 20 hours of play and talk-time. But if you can’t tell the difference, this should be your ANC go-to. Head over to Bose to snatch it up at $349.95 or Amazon to save a few coins at $349.

Truly Wireless

This category made the biggest splash this past year when it comes to headphones. So many brands launched (or floundered) via crowdfunding platforms with dreams of untethering us from the confines of our cables. While many did their best to win over our hearts, few prevail and qualify for The Best Headphones 2016 Edition list.

Skybuds Audio MajorHiFi ATH-MSR7 brown side Best Headphones 2016

Skybuds are another favorite in the office. Skybuds are a pair of super polished truly wireless buds that opt of all the extras and stick to giving you what you ask for – connectivity and good sound. That being said, these buds run for up to 4 hours over Bluetooth technology, while its competition reaches a mere 2.5 hours. Skybuds also ditch the heart rate monitors and excessive hardware which means there is more room for the drivers and wireless technology to work. They do however feature a multifunction to skip forward in your tracks and take calls. You can’t skip back a track or adjust the volume just yet. Skybuds retail at Audio 46, Best Buy, and Bluwire for $199.99 (Reg. 249.99) on a holiday special.

Apple Airpods Delay Best Headphones 2016

Apple Airpods having just made it to market actually rank on our Best Headphones 2016 Edition list. Despite their funky look, reviews are in and the buds actually stay put. Although, there aren’t any smart controls or features other than queuing Siri. But these, so far, seem to be one pair of truly wireless buds that will actually stay put, according to a number of reviews. These buds are currently available in limited quantities from Apple and other retailers for $159. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Straight Up Innovative

Nura MajorHiFi ATH-MSR7 brown side Best Headphones 2016

Nura Headphones – And that brings us to the next category of totally aspirational and actually successful headphones in the Straight Up Innovative category. Nura headphones, out of Australia, won us over with the ability to cater music to each individual wearer’s hearing profile. The headphones feature both an in-ear bud (to deliver the mids and highs) while the over-ear cup provided the bass. Separating different frequencies and delivering them as your ear prefers provided a stunning listening experience. Brava Nura headphones, Brava! Maybe that’s why they raised over $1.9 million via crowd funding campaigns. P.S. You can still pre-order Nura here for $299 (25% off).

TBH, the coolest headphones to make “The Best Headphones 2016 Edition” article.

Affordable & Good Sound Quality

Audio Technica MSR7 and MSR7NC (with or without noise-cancelling) are great high-resolution headphones at an affordable price. They deliver clear and detailed audio with rich bass. The NC version was made because fans loved the MSR7 so much and requested noise cancellation. With a slimmer frame, polished design, and more clarity than the M50x these headphones are here to stay and sure to remain a top contender through 2017. Grab the MSR7 for $189 (Reg. $249) and the MSR7NC for $219 (Reg. $299) at Audio 46 on holiday special.

Audiophile Grade

focal headphones Best Headphones 2016

Slipping into 2016 with a whole lotta prestige were the Focal Utopia and Focal Elear. They barely making their way into retailers before closing out on 2016. These open-back headphones can barely be kept in stores and for obvious reasons these makes both top The Best Headphones 2016 Edition article. The Utopia will cost you a whopping $4000, but it’s well worth it. With 40mm high-end dome speaker drivers, these headphones deliver the purest of sound across a vast frequency range of 5 to 50,000 Hertz. If the four grand price tag is a bit out of your budget, the cheaper and just as amazing alternative will do. The Elear, retailing at $1000 delivers clear audio across a frequency range of 5 to 23,000 Hertz using 40mm speaker drivers. Both of these headphones retail at Focal and Audio 46.

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