Meet Aylne Earbuds, Waterproof and Truly Wireless

Aylne Earbuds

Without a doubt, truly wireless earphones have taken center stage among audio innovations in the past year. With Apple ditching the audio jack and consumers looking for a way to minimize the all too common annoyance tangled wires, technology gave rise to truly wireless earbuds. Meet a premium, waterproof make called Aylne earbuds.

Meet Aylne Earbuds, Waterproof and Truly Wireless

Designed with the toughest of materials, Aylne earbuds are waterproof. Though the company does not disclose the IP rating, they advise their wire-free buds are able to be submerged up to 10 meters in water and withstand heat up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius). The acrylic finish serves as both a protective housing and polished exterior. The entire bud weighs in at 4.9 grams and a height of 10 mm, smaller than a dime. The tips are also ergonomically fashioned to fit nearly every ear.

Aylne earbuds are also void of too many features that require additional hardware and battery life, alotting the tiny buds up to 4 hours of wireless use and 70 hours on standby. While four hours seems like no time at all, its much more compared to the competition, which usually hits around 2.5 hours. The single multifunction button located on the top of the bud allows the user to take calls as well as play and pause their music.

Aylne earbuds are available on Kickstarter at the very low Early Bird price of $44 USD. The buds are expected to ship July 2017.

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