Best Headphones For Female Vocals

In many of my reviews, I like to focus on specific sound elements that highlight a headphone’s best qualities. One of those elements is the vocals, which I always like to go into detail about. They bring out what a headphone’s midrange frequencies are capable of, providing texture and clarity that makes some performances so gripping. The way female vocals can sound on specific headphones can carry an almost ethereal weight to them sometimes. When a headphone can properly capture this feeling, it becomes immediately special to me. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that might bring you that same feeling, here are a few headphones I would recommend that will definitely deliver that experience.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Starting off with a classic, the DT 700 Pro is one of the most reliable over-ear headphones around. For years it has been a common item used in studios across the globe, helping mixers analyze every part of the sound signature clearly. It is no doubt that female vocals will sound great with such an accurate presentation of sound. Especially with the widely known uptick in the highs that is a prevalent part of Beyerdynamic’s headphones, Female vocals pop even greater. They have a crispness to them that brings life to the vocals. It highlights specific artifacts that add realism to the sound.

Focal Clear MG

One of the more premium headphones on this list is the Focal Clear MG. This well-regarded brand is known for its selection of audiophile speakers and headphones. The Clear MG followed up the Clear, and one of its most improved aspects is how well it responded to female vocals. On the Clear MG there is a certain shine to the vocals like there is an extra coating of gloss to them. Female vocals come through on the MG in a pure form, giving the performance a hyper-detailed presentation.

HiFiMan Edition XS

The only planar headphone to make an appearance on this list is the HiFiMAN Edition XS. There is also the Sundara, Ananda, and Arya that are also worth mentioning. However, the XS is a big standout, due to its price and portrayal of female vocals. Out of every selection on this list, the Edition XS is going to be the headphone that will make female vocals appear the airiest. A highly reverberated female vocal can be heightened on the Edition XS. There is a sizzle to it that is highly expressive and can feel almost sublime.

Best Cyber Monday Headphones Deals Sennheiser HD600

Sennheiser HD 600

You are bound to see a Sennheiser headphones on any best-of-headphones list. It is about time one showed up here. Out of all the headphones in Sennheiser’s library, the HD 600 is going to be the one to go for if you’re more focused on female vocals. This might feel like the plainest sound on this list, but there is still so much to enjoy here. Female vocals glow in the upper mids, and the treble hit the performance with an added spark of biting detail. This brings a liveliness to the vocals that are easy to be gripped by. Like the DT 770 Pro, the HD 600 is also one of the more accurate representations of female vocal reproduction.

Sivga SV023

Sivga can be sort of the outlier of this list, but every headphone they put out has a great vocal presentation. The SV023 is one of their most recent headphones to come out, and it responded exceptionally well to female vocals. It particularly plays well with harmonies that can expand all around. Angelic female choirs are a huge standout on the SV023, appearing crisp and floaty in the mix. This is definitely one of the most colorful representations of female vocals that an over-ear headphone can give you.

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