Best Type C Earbuds To Use With The Samsung Galaxy A54 & A55

Samsung has recently added two new smartphones to their Galaxy lineup. The A54 and A55 are meant to be cheaper options compared to the S24. While the S24 lacks a headphone jack, you might still be holding out hope that these models might supply it. Unfortunately, neither the A54 nor A55 offers a 3.5mm headphone jack, but there are still some options out there if you’re looking for wired earbuds and don’t want to resort to adapters.

Best Type-C Earphones for Samsung Pixel 8 are made by Strauss & Wagner

Strauss & Wagner EM8C

The Strauss and Wagner EM8C is a favorite here, offering a fun sound with surprising detail for the price. These are comfortable, simple earbuds that make for a great companion with any Type C smartphone.

JBL Tune 310C

Most of you are probably familiar with the name JBL. They usually offer good inexpensive products with textured bass response. You can rely on them to offer good value for the price, and the 310C is a good option if you’re looking for Type C earbuds. If you’re looking for something relatively simple, that can make calls and is from a brand you know, then you can’t go wrong with the Tune 310C.

Moondrop has the some of the best Type-C earbuds on the market for audiophiles

Moondrop JIU

Here is where Type C earbuds start to mix with the audiophile market a bit. Moondrop makes a lot of great IEMs, and the Jiu is one of their cheapest options for USB-C. Its shell design takes after their popular and similarly inexpensive Chu model, which offers something a little different compared to other Type C earbuds. The sound is cleaner and wider than other USB-C earbuds in a similar price range.

Moondrop May main

Moondrop May

The Moondrop May is a bit pricier than most USB-C earbuds, but it’s the closest you can get to IEMs for less than a hundred bucks. Looking at the design of these earphones, they have the design that people most familiar with Moondrop will have. It’s one of the few Type C earbuds with this kind of ergonomic shell. In terms of sound, you won’t be disappointed, as the May contains a dynamic and planar hybrid design that will offer a level of detail you can’t get from any other pair of Type C earbuds.

Questyle NHB15 main

Questyle NHB15

If you’re okay with the price hike, the Questyle NHB15 is one of the best IEMs in its price range regardless of having a Type C termination. Built into the NHB15 is a special DAC that can deliver 192kHz sample rates for accurate lossless sound. It comes with a detachable cable like the Moondrop May, but it includes an additional 3.5mm cable so you can switch between both options at will.

Strauss & Wagner Lyss

Those who already own a pair of great IEMs with an MMCX connection, and don’t want an entirely new pair of earbuds can look to this cable. The Lyss is compatible with a variety of IEMs, including selections from Campfire Audio, Final Audio, Sennheiser IE series, and Westone. It’s a braided OFC silver cable that terminates to a USB-C connector with a special 32-bit DAC.

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