Best Wireless Headphones of 2023

Best Wireless Headphones of 2023 by MajorHiFi

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And 2024 is arriving faster than a fart after a bowl of lentils. So, we thought we would review the year and announce our favorite headphones of 2023. Most of these models are relatively new, while others are classics that make our list year after year. We’ve listed the best headphones in every price range. So, whatever your budget is, there should be something here for you.

Under $100

Sennheiser HD 350BT 


The HD 350BT is nothing fancy, but it comes from the world’s leading headphone brand, and in our experience, everything they make is reliable and sounds decent. Featuring Bluetooth® 5.0, support for high-quality codecs (AAC, aptX™ Low Latency), and a reasonable 30-hour battery life, these headphones provide a solid option for those looking for improved audio experiences on-the-go. Overall, the HD 350BT is a great cost-effective choice, providing quality audio without straining your budget.

The Sennhesier HD 350BT has been a best seller for the last few years.

Strauss & Wagner ANCBT501


This little company makes great headphones that cost half the price of its competitors simply because they spend so little on marketing. With 40 hours of play time and three noise cancellation settings, the ANCBT501 delivers smooth and balanced tuning, making it one of the most pleasing sounding wireless cans you can at this price point. The ANC is not the best we’ve ever heard, but to be honest, this is about as good as it gets for this price point.

Strauss & Wagner ANCBT501 proves you don't have to pay crazy money for good sound.

Under $200

Sennheiser ACCENTUM


The Accentum follows the design of Sennheiser’s flagship, the Momentum 4, with its rich low-end and natural, warm sound profile. You might notice a tad less detail in the highs, but overall, it’s a pretty satiating sound signature. What seals the deal is the impressive 50-hour battery life and the option to tweak the equalizer, making the Accentum another solid choice for this price point.

The Sennheiser Accentum is the affordable alternative to the Momentum 4.

Final Audio UX2000


Given their budget-friendly price, the UX2000 exceeded our expectations. The soundstage offers an engagingly 3D experience, the bass provides substantial oomph and detail, and the high frequencies contribute a crisp and radiant topping to the weightier low frequencies. In summary, they deliver a fun, skillful, and forgiving sound without compromising on resolution, even at a price point of 120 bucks. Couple that with some decent ANC and sufficient battery life to last you through your weekly commutes, and you have a solid pair of cans that more than justify their price tag.

Final Audio UX2000 offers the brand's audiophile sound at an affordable price point.

Under $300

Sennheiser Momentum 4


This is one of the heavy hitters on the market. The Momentum 4 strikes a great balance between advanced features and user-friendly simplicity. It’s comfortable, aesthetically inoffensive, and delivers Sennheiser’s reliably good audio quality. With a powerful bass, energetic, yet natural delivery, and a massive soundstage, the Momentum 4 might have one of the most orgasmic sound signatures at this price point. The ANC is super effective as well, enhancing the immersive details of the audio experience and making your subway commute much quieter.


The Sennheiser Momentum 4 has been on of the best selling flagships of 2023.Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 IB (Limited Edition Ice Blue)


The M50xBT2 is the wireless iteration of arguably the most renowned headphone ever created. Staying true to the original M50x sound, the M50xBT2 faithfully reproduces it. With a broad yet authentic soundstage and precisely detailed imaging, it delivers an impactful low end capable of handling heavy bass kicks while maintaining accuracy. The midrange is occasionally subdued, creating dynamic contrast between the lows and highs, particularly suitable for modern pop. The somewhat bright high-end reveals ample detail and exudes a playful quality. In essence, the M50xBT2 stands as a dependable and musically versatile headphone. Since it lacks ANC or other extravagant features, all your investment goes directly into sound quality, making it a cost-effective choice compared to pricier flagships from other brands. The limited edition in teal is our favorite choice.

The Audio-Technica M50xBT sounds the same as the famous wired version.

Under $500

Sony WH-1000XM5


For a broad and immersive sound experience, consider the Sony XM5, especially if you’re upgrading from the XM4. With an impressive soundstage, thanks to Sony’s 360 Reality Audio and Atmos support, the XM5 provides a super engaging sound signature. The spatial audio features create a three-dimensional sensation, making sound elements feel suspended around you. Expect a robust and impactful bass (customizable with EQ settings), improved midrange clarity And shiny treble frequencies that never feel harsh. With its advanced features and durable build, the XM5 is a significant upgrade from the previous model.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 competes with flagships from Sennheiser and Bose.

Shure AONIC 50 Gen 2


We were a little iffy about the first version of this Aonic 50, but the second iteration has definitely won us over. The substantially enhanced headroom, dynamic bass, and vibrant highs makes the Aonic 50 Gen 2 a refreshing sound signature when compared to it’s more bass-heavy competitors. Unless you’re expecting top-tier noise cancellation, there’s not much to fault with this model. For those desiring a departure from the conventional sound profiles of major brands like Sony and Sennheiser, the Aonic 50 Gen 2 brings a distinctive and highly satisfying listening experience.

Shure Aonic 50 Gen 2 sounds significantly better than the original model.

Under $1000

Focal Bathys


At this price point, we get into serious audiophile territory. The Focal Bathys is a top-tier player for those on the hunt for a premium wireless headphone. Boasting a buffet of connectivity options and fantastic ANC, this powerhouse of a headphone delivers a smooth hi-res sound that’s also super easy on the ears; Focal has injected some warmth and soothing vibes into this crowd-pleasing sound signature, without skimping on the precision and quality that the brand is famous for.

The Focal Bathys is a wireless headphone made by the most premium audiophile headphone company in the world.

Bowers & Wilkins Px8


Bowers & Wilkins is particularly famous for its fancy home audio gear. But they make top-class headphones too. The PX8 presents a sleek and refined design with premium resolution and impressively robust ANC. Unlike many in its price range, the PX8 creates an open soundscape akin to high-quality wired closed-back headphones. You can also expect a deep and powerful bass, clear midrange with impactful vocals and detailed highs. Although a reasonably significant step up from the PX7, it comes with a higher price tag, reflecting Bowers & Wilkins’ luxury status in the audio realm.

The Bowers & Wilkins PX8 is the luxury option for audiophiles looking for a wireless alternative.

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