TOZO HT2 Review

TOZO HT2 Review by MajorHiFi

TOZO has has a lot of products that have come out this year. Most of them have been true wireless earbuds, but these are the first pair of over-ear headphones I’ve tried from them. The HT2 is a pair of inexpensive Bluetooth headphones with ANC and EQ. This could be a great option for those looking for a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones who are on a budget but still care about sound quality, so let’s see if they succeeded in that.

What You Get

  • TOZO HT2 Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones
  • 3.5mm analog audio cable
  • Charging Cable
  • Quick Guide & User Manual

TOZO HT2 headband

Look & Feel

Right out of the box, the HT2 doesn’t look too special on the surface. You could mistake the HT2 for any other ordinary pair of inexpensive headphones, with plastic parts and small ear cups. I don’t think you should expect anything different for eighty bucks though, and they’re perfectly sturdy. The ear pads are also very comfortable, and I was able to wear the HT2 for hours without feeling any significant pressure. They also have a foldable design so you can store them for travel easier.

TOZO HT2 above

Design & Functionality

The HT2 uses 40mm dynamic drivers and features their ORGX acoustic technology. These aren’t the loudest headphones, and you’ll probably be listening to them at full volume most of the time. This is to be expected for a pair of budget headphones, but what isn’t expected is the strength of the ANC. While it won’t feel as isolating as other brands, but for the price it’s effective in getting rid of more intrusive environmental sounds. In the app you can switch between ANC, and ENC modes like transparency mode, wind noise reduction, and adaptive mode. EQ is also available in the app, and it offers a lot of customization compared to other EQs from other brands.


The HT2 offers Bluetooth version 5.3, and offers a stable connection without any dropouts. Only standard CODECs are offered.

Battery Life

Somehow, TOZO has given the HT2 a gargantuan 60 hours of battery life with ANC off. Even with ANC on, you still get 40 hours of playtime from these headphones. This is the best battery life for a headphone in this price range by a wide margin.

TOZO HT2 side


Tozo usually gives you exactly what you need for the price with their true wireless earbuds, and the same can be said about these over-ear headphones. The HT2 offers a wide soundstage, with localized sound elements and even some notable height. It’s quite surprising to hear this level of precise positioning for a pair of inexpensive headphones like this. Of course, you’re not going to get the greatest depth or dimension from the imaging here, but everything spreads itself out enough to feel spacious. The channel separation is probably the best you’re going to get over wireless for less than a hundred dollars.

Low EndĀ 

The Lows have great gain and body that you can adjust the timbre of with EQ. I like having the sub-bass boosted a bit, with reduced muddiness so the frequencies are more separated, and I was able to accomplish that with the HT2 with ease. I got a solid layer of bass bloom that added impact and rumble to my tracks. There were even points where the bass tone could perform a cinematic hit that added a ton of texture to the sound signature. With EQ, bass heads on a budget could get a lot out of these lows.


There’s nothing too inoffensive about the midrange response on the HT2. While there are some aspects to the timbre that lack weight, nothing feels hollow or relegated to the background. Using EQ helps enunciate the instruments, but don’t expect anything more than surface level detail. Thankfully, the mids don’t feel confused or foggy, as clarity is still maintained throughout the frequency response. Some elements are slightly veiled by lack of detail, but the performances still feel cohesive.


The treble has some peaks in brightness, but they can be easily controlled with EQ. For the most part, nothing about the highs will be fatiguing. There’s a nice glint to some of the frequencies, but it’s a timbre that is only just noticeable in the mix. A small high-shelf with EQ brings out that sparkle a bit more, and it doesn’t feel artificial. Overall, I found the treble here to be pretty pleasant and easy to understand.


I’m impressed with a lot of what the HT2 has to offer in terms of personalized sound and technology. TOZO has provided exciting wireless products in the past, and now we have an over-ear headphone that finds ways to be satisfying without having to spend more. Not everything about its sound signature is perfect, but the EQ gives you the opportunity to shape it close to your liking. This is probably one of best soundstages and bass responses for less than a hundred buck, comparable to the Strauss & Wagner BT501 or Final Audio UX3000.

Pros Cons
  • Good soundstage and imagingĀ 
  • Impressive bass
  • Comfortable ear pads
  • Effective ANC
  • Battery Life
  • In-app EQ
  • Price
  • Some shouty highs
  • Plastic build

The TOZO HT2 is available on Amazon.

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