Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Professional Headphones Review – Marriage Between Pro and Consumer

DT 240 Pro Proessional Heapdhones
DT 240 Pro Proessional Heapdhones

Last week, the folks at Beyerdynamic stopped by MajorHiFi to introduce us to their new headphone, the DT 240 Pro Professional Headphones. These headphones are meant to bridge the gap between consumers and professionals. For $99, these headphones won’t break the bank. But will they entice professionals and consumers alike? Today I’ll compose a Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Professional Headphones review and find out.

Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Review


I place the DT 240 Pros on my head and notice right away how light they are. I would feel comfortable wearing these for prolonged duration, for long commutes or even some tedious drum editing.  Their drivers and ear pads are relatively small. Compared to other headphones like them, I feel relieved by their lack of bulk. When I look in the mirror, I notice their aesthetic is simple, attractive, professional, and clean. Very nice so far!

The headphones feel stable and durable overall. The headband is made of a hard plastic material. Perhaps, at its center, it is even filled with a lightweight metal? I’m not sure but I don’t have any fears of them cracking on me, even if they were accidentally packed away a bit carelessly by accident. There is a metal extender to adjust for different size heads.

While I wish these headphones folded up for more portable use, I am encouraged by their size and lightness. The ear pads swivel and turn flat, so with a case these headphones would be great for traveling.

The DT 240 Pros come with a curly wire which may dissuade potential consumer-type buyers. Although if you love the headphones otherwise, a straight cable is available for purchase.


Sound Stage

I’m mentioning the sound stage first because it was the first thing I noticed about the sound. Compared to competitors like it, the sound stage is particularly wide and spacious. The high frequencies find a lot space in their tallness. The low frequencies do the same in their vertical lowness.


The bass on the DT 240 Pros is impressive! It has great clarity as I hear definition of the transients and sustain in the low-end. This is a rare and pleasant discovery, especially when I focus and listen to kick drums. While the low frequencies are not hyped up, they still have a nice openness that I think both professionals and consumers would enjoy.


The low-mids have a lot of space as well. It feels like there might be a little dip somewhere between 200Hz-400Hz. This gives a satisfying, unmuddy feeling to the midrange that gives a lot of space for guitars, stringed instruments, and vocals. The vocal sits right where I expect it to sit in the mix, which is a relief, especially if I am working on some sessions on-the-go.


The highs are similar to the lows in that they are not hyped, yet they are easily audible because of how much space they have. This allows cymbals and drum kits to sit in a more accurate place in the stereo field. Reverbs and room microphones are exposed in a charming and enjoyable way.

Professional Headphones DT 240 Pro


The Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Professional Headphones are a great choice for budget-driven audio engineers, audio editors and consumers alike. If you appreciate high-quality headphones that won’t break the bank, these headphones are worth checking out. Their sleek design makes them ideal for wearing to work, out on the town, or for long editing sessions. And while you should be aware that the DT D40 Pros only come with a slender curly wire, it is the least overwhelming curly wire I’ve seen, and I’ve seen some dramatic curls in my days. But if you are partial to a straight wire, they are available for purchase.

The new Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro headphones are available for the best price at Audio 46. 

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