New Release Beyerdynamic Phonum Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone

Beyerdynamic Phonum Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone

Beyerdynamic Phonum Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone is ideal for conference calls at work or home office with a 12-15 hour battery life.

New Release Beyerdynamic Phonum Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone

The new unit showcases the signature Beyerdynamic aesthetic while providing premium sound with immense power. Beyerdynamic Phonum Wireless Speaker is intended to capture all spoken words and eliminate echoing or other background noise. It is able to do so with three specially designed capsules in the microphone array which ensures high-quality sound transmission. The microphone is fit with a small diaphragm condenser that reaches a range of 60Hz-12kHz.

Besides its uses as a speakerphone, Phonum was crafted to double as a music speaker. It is built with a downfire loudspeaker that is directed downwards and radiates sound ​​​​​​​in 360 degrees in order to reach the farthest expanses of the room. This loudspeaker reaches a frequency response range of 120Hz-10kHz with 3.5 Watts of power behind it.

Phonum, while small for portability’s sake, also features technology to host conference calls via voice and video call apps on smartphones, PCs, or Skype. Intuitive touch controls make this speakerphone very easy and simple to start your meetings quickly and seamlessly.

Phonum also holds a 12-15 hour battery life which is more than enough for a few conference calls. I’m assuming the variance is based on the output level at which you use the speaker. It is also fit with both Type C and USB 2.0 outs.

Beyerdynamic Phonum Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone made its debut at InfoComm 2018 and received the Best of Show award at InfoComm 2018 from AV Technology.

At the moment, I’m not too sure of when it will be available for purchase, but we will keep this article updated.

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