Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review

Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review

I love DJ headphones. The good ones are super punchy, well balanced and just plain fun. In fact, I enjoy them more than many of the ridiculously expensive audiophile headphones out there. Will Shure’s SRH750DJ be shure to please? Ugh, sorry. Let’s find out in this Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review.

Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review

IN the BOX – Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review

3 meter coiled detachable cable

Extra replaceable earpads

Soft carrying case

FIT and DESIGN – Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review

I love the fit on these. Classically wide and round with just the right balance of comfort and firmness for effective sound isolation. The headband has a good amount of padding too.

Like most DJ headphones, these cans fold and swivel. They’re also extremely flexible. Perfect for lengthy stage and mixing sessions, the SRH750DJ look like they will last a while under mildly violent conditions.

The detachable coiled cable has the Shure twist and lock jack. If you’re on the go and want to get a short straight cable with a mic and remote, I’ve seen a couple of off brand options on the Internet. The impedance is 40 ohms, so if you’re planning to walk around with these cans, you’ll want to carry a little amp with you. If you’re not into holding anything bulky, get a Dragonfly. It should power the headphones sufficiently.

The driver is a generous 50mm, and the frequency range is nice and wide too – 5 to 30,000 Hz. 

SOUND – Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review

Fast, balanced and frequen’ amazing for the price. Let’s see the rundown…


The bass is dry, melodic and restrained. No huge subby feel here. And if you’re a bass-head, these lows won’t cut it. But for mixing purposes, they’re absolutely perfect. Accurate and well separated from the rest of the mix, the lows are completely unadulterated. Because of this headphone’s fast transient response, they convey a great snappy sound when listening to pop, hip-hop and EDM.


Crisp, detailed and very well balanced in this range. It’s just slightly missing in fullness when listening to big rock choruses, probably because the lower-mid range isn’t very forward. But the separation and clarity is incredible for a headphone at this price. The vocals sit a little forward and guitars come out crystal clear. Surprisingly, these headphones work great for folk music too.


The SRH750DJ offer the perfect balance between smoothness and clarity. Listening to Miles Davis’ trumpet, there was minimal piercing and a lot of transparency. Playing Whitney Houston, I heard the more subtle nuances of her vibrato and breath. Strings were just as impressive, and rolled elegantly from note to note. And percussion in this range is really snappy and well defined.


A spaciousness soundstage. I felt a lot of height, and also a nice amount of depth. The width wasn’t endless, but instrument placement was right on target. A truly multidimensional experience.

SUMMARY – Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review

I am blown away by how good these headphones are for the price. For $149, you can’t get a better deal in terms of mixing headphones. What I love about these bad boys is that they’re also perfect for casual listening with respect to all genres. Speedy, crisp, accurate in every frequency range, and a really decent soundstage to boot. There’s nothing I don’t like about these headphones.

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SPECIFICATIONS – Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Review

Driver Size: 50mm

Frequency Range: 5 – 30,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 106 dB

Impedance: 40 Ohms

Cable Length: 3 Meters

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