New Release iFi Audiophile OTG Cable for Android

iFi Audiophile OTG Cable for Android

iFi’s latest addition to their accessories line takes the harsh hiss out of your high quality music. Meet iFi Audiophile OTG Cable.

New Release iFi Audiophile OTG Cable for Android

iFi’s optimized OTG cables are said to be quite simple to use. Audiophiles simply plug one end of the OTG cable into their phone and the other into their DAC and “get ready to be blown off your feet as the music hits your eardrums in ultra-clear clarity,” adds iFi.

This cable is especially made for Android devices supporting a USB-A connection with either USB-C or micro USB on the other side. The USB-A female connector provides a much more mechanically reliable connection according to iFi. The type A connection was also specially designed to fit and work perfectly with nano or micro DSD Black Label DACs. “The cable itself is built to last and provide premium streaming quality with audiophile grade OTG cables constructed from pure OFHC continuous cast copper. This metal conducts clean sound between your Android and DAC.

iFi Audiophile OTG Cable for Android will retail for $12.

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About iFi
iFi audio is headquartered in Southport, UK. It is the sister brand of Abbingdon Music Research (AMR). They respectively design and manufacture portable and desktop ‘ultra-fidelity’ audio products and high-end audio ‘home-based’ components. The combined in-house hardware and software development team enables iFi audio and AMR to bring to market advanced audio products.

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