Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

Shure is a well-established headphone brand, especially well known for its high quality in-ear monitors. And although Mackie has been around for a while producing studio equipment, only recently has its started to dabble in the IEM market. Can Mackie’s relatively new flagship headphone compete with the venerable Shure SE315? Let’s find out in this Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review.

Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

IN the BOX – Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

Shure SE315 Mackie MP-240
Silicone Sleeves Silicone Sleeves
Foam Sleeves Foam Sleeves
Triple Flange Sleeves Double Flange Sleeves
Yellow Foam Sleeves
Soft Carrying Case Hard Carrying Case


FIT – Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

Both headphones are ergonomically designed to fit to the contour of your ears, and the over-ear memory wire keeps them secure. The Mackie MP-240 has a bigger shell than the Shure, but I found its shape to be better contoured to the ear. Certainly, Mackie are some of the best fitting earphones I’ve tried. And even though Shure boasts superior sound isolation, I found that Mackie slightly beats them in this category. 

DESIGN – Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

Both headphones have detachable MMCX cables. The Mackie MP-240 has dual hybrid drivers; a dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver. The dynamic driver gives you the solid lows, while the balanced armature driver provides extra clarity in the higher frequencies.The Shure SE315 has a single driver with bass port, so I’m expecting quite different sounds from these two headphones.

SOUND – Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

The Shure SE215 is fast and punchy. The Mackie MP-240 is super transparent and well separated. Let’s see the rundown…


The lows are far deeper and more forward on the Mackie MP-240 than they are on the Shure SE315. The bass on the MP-240 has a much richer and more subby feel. The bass also resonates more. In fact, after listening to the MP-240, the bass on the Shure SE315 feels virtually non-existent. That being said, the Shure SE315 has a faster transient response, making pop songs sound a lot snappier than they do on the Mackie MP-240.


Both headphones do a good job in the mid-range in that they are both pretty evenly balanced and provide a nice sense of fullness. However, the clarity on the MP-240 is far superior to the SE315. In fact, listening to the MP-240’s detail and separation, there is no competition. That being said, the SE315 are a bit more evenly balanced in this range. The MP-240 has a slight emphasis in the upper mid range. However, I sense no harshness when listening to vocals in big choruses, for example. Certainly, because of its more transparent quality, the Mackie MP-240 is a more satisfying experience to with respect to rock and folk music.


The highs on the Shure SE315 are rounder and smoother than on the Mackie MP-240. But again, the MP-240 is, by far, the more transparent and detailed in this range. Listening to the high trumpet sound of Miles Davis, the Shure SE215 was an easier listening experience. However, the texture and breath was much more audible on the Mackie MP-240. The same was true for strings. The Shure SE315 just didn’t have the chops to convey the same amount of clarity. Therefore, if you listen to a lot of classical music, you’ll definitely enjoy the Mackie MP-240 more.


Both headphones fared similarly in this range. They both displayed a good sense of width. However, because of its superior separation, the Mackie MP-240 provided a more spacious feel.

SUMMARY – Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

The Mackie MP-240 is in a league of it’s own in this price range. The Shure SE315 doesn’t even come close with respect to clarity and detail. Apart from Shure’s signature speed, overall, the Mackie MP-240 turns out to be the better IEM.

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SPECIFICATIONS – Shure SE315 vs Mackie MP-240 Comparison Review

Shure SE315 Mackie MP-240
Frequency Range 22Hz – 18.5kHz 20Hz – 22kHz
Impedance 27 Ohms 32 Ohms
Sensitivity 116 dB 94 dB
Sound Isolation 27 dB 40 dB