Beyerdynamic Verio 200 Review

Beyerdynamic Verio 200 TWS earbuds inside their carrying case

In recent years, true wireless products have made significant advancements, incorporating features like adaptive noise cancellation and transparency mode. These features allow users to control the sound environment of their TWS devices. However, Beyerdynamic questions the need for such modes when you can simply use an open headset. Enter their Verio 200 TWS headset, a completely open design that keeps you in touch with your surroundings while providing an exceptional musical experience. How do they really perform? Let’s dive into this comprehensive review.

What’s in the Box:

  • Verio 200 TWS earbuds
  • Charging & carrying case
  • Quickstart guide
  • Warranty info
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable

Beyerdynamic Verio 200 carrying case

Look and Feel:

Beyerdynamic consistently prioritizes build quality, and the Verio 200 TWS earbuds are no exception. From the case to the earbuds, the build exudes durability. The IP54 rating ensures resistance to water and dust, making them suitable for exercise. The build materials instill confidence in their ability to withstand various terrains and conditions.

The fit and feel are particularly interesting. The open design results in a somewhat unconventional fit. The ear hook system, while not entirely new in TWS earbuds, presents a unique approach in the Verio 200. The earpieces sit next to your ear, with the hooks angling over your ears until the ear speakers align with your ears. There’s no insertion into the ear canal; they sit flush with your ear, providing a snug fit.

In testing, the fit felt neither awkward nor loose. The unique experience of having music play without feeling unnatural stands out. The only minor issue is that the hard materials can become cumbersome after long listening sessions. However, compared to deeply inserted earbuds, these are far more comfortable for extended use.

Beyerdynamic Verio 200 TWS earbuds speakers

Design and Functionality:

The Verio 200 operates on Bluetooth 5.3, supporting aptX Adaptive, aptX Lossless, and AAC codecs, ensuring high functionality and sound quality. With a battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge, these earbuds suffice for a day’s use. The charging case extends the battery life by 27 hours, totaling 35 hours before needing a full recharge.

For voice calls, the Verio 200 utilizes Qualcomm® aptX™ Voice technology, offering excellent call quality with a dual-microphone setup that cancels background noise, ensuring clear voice transmission. This setup is reliable, making the earbuds ideal for frequent calls.

Sound Impressions:

Low End:

The Verio 200 delivers a cool and bright sound signature, typical of Beyerdynamic’s sound profile. The bass is gentle yet present, contradicting initial fears that the open design might diminish the bass due to a lack of seal. While not bass-heavy, the earbuds provide enough low end to give body to the sound, complementing the breezy timbre.


The midrange is a highlight of the Verio 200’s frequency response. It is clear and detailed without being overly forward, making it versatile for on-the-go use or exercising. The earbuds excel in vocal and instrument reproduction, offering high-quality sound with impressive detail. This clarity also enhances the quality of podcasts and spoken word audio, benefiting call quality as well.

Top End:

The bright sound signature extends to the high end, providing a splashy effect without being sibilant or harsh. The sound is more top-end oriented due to the open design, but Beyerdynamic embraces this, tailoring the sound to suit the configuration.


The soundstage is solid, offering a balanced width that is impressive for the price range and competition. While not capable of features like spatial audio, the Verio 200 effectively places sounds throughout the audible plane.

Beyerdynamic Verio 200 ear hook

Final Thoughts:

The Beyerdynamic Verio 200 stands out among open design TWS earbuds. Its combination of features and unique sound profile places it near the top of the market. While open earbuds may not suit everyone, those seeking to stay aware of their surroundings while enjoying quality audio should consider the Verio 200 TWS.

The Beyerdynamic Verio 200 is available at Audio46

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