NF Audio RA05 Review

I’ve been checking out a lot of IEMs from NF Audio recently, with the latest being one of their most expensive items. Now, we’re looking at their most inexpensive set of earbuds, the RA05. These are simple wired earphones where you can choose between having a 3.5mm or USB-C termination. Is it a good entry-level option?

What You Get

  • RA05 Earphones
  • XS/S/M/L Ear tips
  • Drawstring bad
  • User guide

NF Audio RA05 single

Look & Feel

These are some of the smallest earbuds you can buy, at least for ones that use memory wire. They fit in your ear easily and never have a problem staying in place. Some listeners might think the housing is too small and might require bigger ear tips to be comfortable.

NF Audio RA05 cable


With its small housing, there can only be one dynamic driver which is 6mm. Even with its small driver, the RA05 is able to output a big signal that offers plenty of headroom with any device. I used the USB-C version, which gave me ample volume consistently.

NF Audio RA05 with stand


The soundstage has more width and spatial depth than it has any right to. Everything comes through linearly, but the stereo field is spread out to feature a large scope of sound.  Its layers stack up nicely without blending into each other, engaging you with proper depth. With the RA05, it’s all about the wingspan. You’ll never get a sense of scale out of the RA05, but the position of sound elements is accurate enough to enjoy.

Low End

It’s clear that the bass isn’t the main focus of the RA05’s sound signature. Certain bass notes appear tight and precise, but very thin and underpowered. There’s no real weight or resonance to the timbre, but it does have a solid form in the mid-bass.


Most of the meat in this sound profile is in the midrange frequencies. Everything about the mids feels full and clean, with more shape and body to them than the bass shows. Musical notes appear precise and expressive, with surprising detail and texture. For the price, the mids showcase a ton of grace and realism, which can be hard to come by when you’re on a budget.


While the highs don’t show as much pop as the mids, the frequencies have a good presence in the mix that is easy to digest. The timbre has a neutral flavor, but the response never feels dull or underpowered. It’s an even presentation that features good control and subtle glistening in some areas.


The RA05 is a simple pair of wired earbuds that are inexpensive and easy to enjoy. You don’t get a lot of bass from them, but the sound is still impressive considering the price, especially in the mids and its soundstage.

Pros Cons
  • Wide soundstage
  • Good imaging
  • Full midrange
  • Detailed treble
  • Remote mic
  • Type C option
  • Price
  • Weak bass
  • Can’t detach cable

The NF Audio RA05 is available here.

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