Black Friday Headphone And IEM Deals 2021 Guide

Somehow, it’s that time of year again where buyers everywhere scour the internet for great deals on items we’ve been thinking to get all year. For all of us here at MajorHiFi, audiophiles and casual headphone buyers alike, it can be difficult sorting through exactly where to look or even what to start looking for. Thankfully, we’ve got a great guide here to try to make those choices a bit easier for you, and most importantly ease some holiday stress. So without further ado, here are some of the best headphone, IEM, and true wireless deals happening for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Updated: Kinera pricings now listed.

The Essentials: Wireless

Everyone needs a good pair of headphones, whether it is the seamless style of true wireless earbuds or the isolation of noise-canceling over-ear headphones. These are definitely the most popular choices you’re going to see, so it might be best to jump on these before it’s too late. Here is a comprehensive list of what we recommend:

64 Audio IEM Deals

In addition to launching two new custom models, 64 Audio is having a big sale for these Black Friday launches. If you’re in the market for some high-grade audiophile IEMs, look no further than what 64 Audio has for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Any purchase of a universal IEM from 64 Audio also includes a free silver premium plus cable.

  • A3t – $89.90 off
  • A4s – $109.90 off
  • A6t – $129.90 off
  • N8 – $339.80 off
  • A12t – $399.80 off
  • A18t – $599.80 off
  • A18s – $599.80 off
  • U12t$2,199 $1,999
  • Nio$1,899 $1,699
  • U6t$1,499 $1,299
  • U18s$3,199 $2,999

Beyerdynamic Headphone Deals

One of the most useful brands for studio application and critical listening is having special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for some of their most popular selections.

HiFiMAN Deals

If you’re looking to see what all the fuss is about with planar headphones, anything from HiFiMAN is worth looking into. They’re known for their airy sound signatures with incredible soundstages, and some of their best models are going on sale for the holiday season.

Kinera And Queen Of Audio IEM Deals

Both of these sibling manufacturers excel in crafting excellent IEMs across a wide range of price points. There are tons to choose from in their library of beautifully designed earphones, each with its own unique sound signature that always presents fine details and clarity. A huge selection of some of their best products will be discounted for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Campfire Audio Holocene - 3 BA IEM with Glowing Cable 2

Campfire Audio Deals

One of the most popular high-end IEM manufacturers around, Campfire Audio is featuring sales for some of their finest products for Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. It’s a better time than any to see exactly what audiophiles are talking about, and why they praise these selections so highly, especially the Andromeda 2020.

Moondrop Deals

Moondrop has made a big breakthrough in the IEM world and they’re looking to celebrate with a ton of deals on some of their most notable models, such as the incredibly affordable and great-sounding Aria to the popular Blessing2.

Astell & Kern DAP Deals

Selections From Linsoul

Audiophile Favorites

Sennheiser HD800s Review

Shure SE215 In-Ear Monitor

Other Great Pro Audio Deals

More deals are slated to be announced soon, so keep checking back to MajorHiFi for more Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.

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