Blue Microphones raises the stakes with Bluetooth, Noise Cancelling, Amplifier Headphone

Pro Audio manufacturer Blue Microphones has built a strong brand over the years. Their lines of high-quality classic looking microphones are an especially iconic image that has set them apart in the pro audio world. But they also have a line of equally iconic looking headphones designed for studio-minded audiophiles. Their latest achievement in headphones though is the Satellite, a Bluetooth, Active Noise-Cancelling headphone with an on-board amplifier. Their big announcement at CES 2017 has audiophiles wondering once again if wireless technology is the inevitable future for audio.

Blue Microphone’s Satellite Headphone

The Satellite headphone from Blue Microphones is a departure from their previous designs in many ways. For starters, they changed their usual headband style to a more streamline design built for comfort and portability. They’ve also “cut the cord” with the Satellite headphone making it a Bluetooth model with the added benefit of Active Noise-Cancelling. The real shocker in this wireless audiophile headphone from Blue Microphones is the built-in amplifier. Blue claims this is for added high-fidelity in order to satisfy the audiophile sound quality listeners expect from their brand name.

This ambitious set of unique features in the Satellite headphone recently announced at the CES 2017 convention is sure to have other headphone companies following suit in an attempt to create their own wireless headphones with on-board amplifier. As many companies are releasing more models of Bluetooth headphones to meet the eventual demand created by more smartphone models without headphone jacks it’s likely this will be the biggest trend in headphones for 2017. And with portable DAC’s and amplifiers on the rise we’ll likely see a lot of these features built-in to the headphones for added audiophile convenience.

Indeed the future of headphones looks bright and Blue Microphone’s Satellite is definitely heading in the right direction. Although no final release date has been announced, you can get more up to date information on the release of the Satellite headphone on Blue Microphones website.

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