Boom for iOS Creates a 3D Surround Sound Experience

Boom for iOS is a simple app making a world of change to your music with a number of equalizer presets and a 3D Surround Sound option.

Boom for iOS Creates a 3D Surround Sound Experience

Boom for iOSI like my music to sound like its coming from all around me – not like its being played at me. Boom for iOS completely understands this concept. The iPhone application is fashioned with the option to enable what is an immersive audio experience provided by seven “speakers.” It is able to get this right by asking what type of headphones users are wearing(in-ear, in-canal, on-ear, over-ear). Then users have the option of selecting how many speakers, more precisely which speaker. they would like to turn on or off while listening to their music. It really is amazing.

Boom for iOS

Boom for iOS is also equipped with a few different presets like, Bass Booster, Electronic Pop, and more. To boot, the intensity of each can be adjusted with a the intensity slider. Also, by noting the type of headphones being used Boom for iOS can further customize the listener’s listening experience.  then its useful features instantly bring richness, depth and life to music, with “easy swipe” gestures for creating custom playlists and queuing songs, all in an elegant and visual app that looks as good as it sounds.

To get started with Boom for iOS your smart device will need to be running iOS 8.4 and above. Currently users can run a 5-day free trial before they can permanently unlock the app for $2.99. This fee is currently a limited time offer. I am unsure of how long this time will be, but its a $2 dollar discount before it returns to a fee of $4.99.

Please note, Boom for iOS will only work with songs already stored on your smart device, not on any streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify. However, the team advises they are working hard to change this soon.

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