Buhel Sunglasses Bone Conduction Headphones

Before Zungle Panther bone conduction sunglasses, there was Buhel sunglasses – no earphones or wires required.

Buhel Sunglasses Bone Conduction Headphones

Most recently, Los Angeles based wearable company Zungle Inc. smashed their Kickstarter goal of $50,000 raising $1.9 million in funds for their one conduction sunglasses. Their campaign ended in mid-July with $1.9 million in funds. But before these sunglasses were born, did you know Buhel Tech Sunglasses had already made their mark – completing their Kickstarter campaign in March 2015 as the most funded sunglasses campaign on Kickstarter. ItĀ isn’t hard to se why. Who doesn’t want music playing sunglasses that only you can hear?

Buhel uses the same bone conduction method to vibrate the inner ear of one’s skull resulting in sound only the wearer can hear. Buhel Tech Sunglasses are built with a noise canceling microphone which should assist in providing a clean and clear connection while making phone calls. The headphones use Bluetooth 4.0 technology so wearers are completely wire-free. These sunglasses are another great option to safely listen to music and make calls while walking, driving, etc. Moreover, Buhel frees up your hands while allowing your outer ear to stay in-tune with your current surroundings.
Buhel also has the ability to queue Siri, Cortana, or Google Now as well as GPS navigation systems so you can hear the directions in your head. This may be quite useful for someone with no sense of direction such as myself.Buhel Sunglasses Bone Conduction

Buhel sunglasses are available in an array of colors. The lenses are available in iridescent, smoke grey, clear, and polarized while the frames can be ordered in either black, red, green, yellow, cyan, sandstorm, white, purple, and silver. Some of these selections were specifically released during the Kickstarter campaign when certain pledge goals were reached.

Pre-orders can be placed right now at Buhel.com with a 30 percent discount until August.

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