PUMP Zeus Headphones Review

PUMP Zeus Review

These headphones were designed for EDM lovers and boy does it deliver. Get ready to double fist pump with Pump Zeus.

PUMP Zeus Review

The headphones arrive in matte black box. Inside is PUMP Zeus and all of it’s glory nestled inside a black hard grade carry case. Your warranty and detachable cable for wired-wearing is also inside the case. Before you can use these babies in wireless mode they will need to be charged for four hours.

PUMP Zeus Review

At first glance, I felt the headphones looked a little large. The frame looked a little bulky to me since the ear cups are fashioned to extend from under the headband and extend past the ears. But, I can tell you the feel is completely different. The headset is extremely lightweight and feels like I could wear it for hours with no complaints. It is built with a plastic chassis. This is the trade off for a lightweight design. The headband and ear cups are comprised of a soft leather and feel as if they are stuffed with memory foam.

Now, how does the Greek god of sky and thunder sound? Well, these headphones were designed for fist pumpers to enjoy EDM music like no other and the job is well done. The lows are nice and natural. The bass sounds pretty relaxed and full while reaching lower frequencies. The mids are rich, but the highs and vocals were surprisingly salient and lush. Zeus is perfect for EDM lovers. It’s ability to reach brain shattering bass drops with ease while allowing synthesizers to brilliantly shine in perfect harmony is astounding.

For those who live off the specs, here they are. The headphones reach a frequency response range of 16 hertz to 24,000 hertz with ease while employing 40mm drivers to get the job done at an impedance of 16 ohms. Zeus can be purchased at pump-audio.com for $249.

For all the aforementioned reasons, we are giving PUMP Zeus a silver star. Way to go!


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