Campfire Andromeda Versus Shure SE846 Comparison Review

Campfire Andromeda Versus Sure SE846 Comparison Review

Shure makes fantastic in-ear headphones. But enter the young Campfire Audio, and you’re in for some tough competition. The Campfire Andromeda is $300 more expensive than the Shure SE846. Is the Andromeda worth all the hype and extra cash? And can it compete with the much more established Sure brand? Let’s find out in this Campfire Andromeda Versus Shure SE846 Comparison Review

Campfire Andromeda Versus Shure SE846 Comparison Review

IN the BOX – Campfire Andromeda Versus Shure SE846 Comparison Review

Campfire Andromeda Shure SE846
Hard Leather Carrying Case Hard Square Carrying Case
Litz Cable (MMCX cable, silver plated copper conductors with Beryllium copper Detachable Cable
4 Pairs of Spinfit Tips Triple Flange Tips
3 Pairs of Foam Tips 3 Pairs Black Foam Tips + Yellow Foam Tips
3 Pairs of Silicone Tips
Cleaning Tool
Campfire Audio Lapel Pin
Airline Adapter
¼ inch Adapter
Nozzle Removal Key
2 Additional Pairs of Nozzle Inserts
Cable Clip
Polishing Cloth



FIT and DESIGN – Campfire Andromeda Versus Shure SE846 Comparison Review

Both, the Andromeda and SE846 use around-the-ear cables, so they take a few seconds securely fit in your ears. But the SE846 is more contoured to the ear, so it’s easier to seal. Based on the fit, the SE846 definitely has better sound isolation than the Andromeda. They’re about the same weight, but the Andromeda feels a little bulkier. They both look damn cool. The Andromeda has a sturdy, Zirconium aluminum shell, while Sure went transparent to display all it’s cool technology inside (it also comes in gold).

The Andromeda has five balanced armature drivers, while the SE846 has four. More drivers don’t necessarily mean better sound, so don’t get your panties in a twist over this detail. Both headphones use a three way configuration system for dedicated low, mid and high frequency distribution. Campfire went with dual high frequency drivers that use a 3-D printed chamber; it foregoes compression to open and extend high frequencies. And Sure employed a snazzy low-pass filter that, apparently, produces the low-end performance of a subwoofer. Ugh, boring… Let’s talk sound!

SOUND – Campfire Andromeda Versus Sure SE846 Comparison Review

The Shure SE846 is characterized by its solid bass, while the Campfire Andromeda is praised for its clarity and extended highs. Let’s break it down:


The Shure SE846 has a deeper, punchier bass than the Campfire Andromeda. But the Andromeda is more articulate; you can hear the texture of the bass more clearly. Still, with respect to hip-hop, pop and EDM, the SE846 might be more fun to listen to. The lows on the SE846 are just really warm and juicy.


On the Andromeda, the higher mids are a bit more emphasized than the lower mids. With the SE846, the emphasis is in the lower mids. The mids on both headphones are tastefully balanced. But in this range, it becomes apparent that the Andromeda has a much clearer, delineated sound. It is also a lot fuller, and vocals have more presence. The Andromeda is so amazing that, in comparison, the Sure almost sounds like its coming out of a tin can. If I weren’t listening to these as a comparison, I would say that the SE846 is brilliant. It’s just that the Andromeda sounds so good, it’s uncanny. For sure, rock and folk are a better listening experience on the Andromeda.


The Andromeda wins again. Both headphones have a nice high extension, but in comparison to the Andromeda, the SE846 feels thin. The Andromeda has more definition, separation and depth. Classical music sounds more moving on the Andromeda than on the SE846 simply because it feels more powerful. If these headphones were houses, the Andromeda would be made of reinforced concrete, while the SE846 might have aluminum siding. Again, I’m not trying to poo-poo the SE846. It’s a great headphone, but it just can’t match the transient response of the Andromeda.


The Andromeda has a discernibly wider soundstage than the SE846. The imaging is great on both headphones, but the Andromeda feels grander.

SUMMARY – Campfire Andromeda Versus Shure SE846 Comparison Review

At this price point, I thought there would be a little more competition. But the Campfire Andromeda so greatly surpasses the SE846 that it’s really in a league of its own. The Andromeda is a cool 300 hundred bucks more expensive than the SE846. But hey, if you’re already dishing out this kind of cash on a pair of headphones, you might as well get the best. And the Campfire Andromeda may indeed be the best in-ear headphone I’ve ever listened to in this price range.

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Campfire Andromeda Shure SE846
Frequency Range 10 Hz – 28Hz 15 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity 115 dB 114 dB
Cable Length 53” 46” and 64”
Driver 5 Balanced Armature Drivers 4 Balanced Armature Drivers
Impedance 12.8 Ohms 9 Ohms


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