Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Campfire Vega has just reduced its price to $1099 (thank God!), while the Westone W60 is $1000. Both headphones produce spectacular sound, so I knew this was going to be a hard comparative review. How do their sound signatures compare? Should you be willing to spend the extra 100 bucks on the Vega? Let’s explore the details in this Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review.

Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review

IN the BOX – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Campfire Vega Westone W60
1 x Manual Owner’s Manual
1-Year Warranty 2-Year Warranty
Wax removal tool Wax removal tool
3 pairs of single bore silicone tips (small, medium and large) 5 Pairs of Star silicone ear tips (1 pair installed on headphones)
3 x memory foam tips (small, medium and large) 5 Pairs of Foam tips
3 x spin fit tips (small, medium and large)
3 Pairs of replaceable faceplates (gold – installed / silver / red)

Faceplate changing tool

Red earpiece pouches
Campfire Audio Litz Cable 55″ cable and in-line remote/microphone (right angle 3.5mm plug)
50″ Braided cable (right angle 3.5mm plug)

FIT and DESIGN – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review

The Westone W60 is light, and very easy to seal. The Campfire Vega is certainly heavier and takes longer to get a good seal. If fitted properly, both headphones have great sound isolation. The Vega feels a lot sturdier than the W60. It’s got a liquid alloy metal shell and a beryllium copper MMCX. The cable is silver-plated copper Litz.  If you’re listening on the go, the W60 has a cable with a mic/remote. The Campfire Vega doesn’t. The W60 also has 6 balanced armature drivers, while the Vega has only one dynamic driver. But more drivers don’t necessarily mean better quality. With that in mind, let’s talk sound.

SOUND – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Westone’s W60 is characterized by clarity and balance. Campfire Vega is defined by its juicy and powerful feel. Here’s the breakdown…


The bass on the W60 has a lot of grip. Deep and dry, it’s got some great clarity and punch. Hip-hop, pop and EDM are a lot of fun to listen to. Still, the Vega has a deeper low range and lends itself better to the above genres. Overall, the Vega has a more powerful and heavy bass feel.


The Campfire Vega has a beautifully warm mid range. There’s a nice balance between the low and high mids. It’s a thick, solid sound that you don’t hear on the W60. And while the mids on the W60 are also well balanced, the sound isn’t quite as full and rich. On the other hand, the W60 has quite a bit more clarity, and vocals have more presence.  The texture of vocals and guitars come out more on the W60, making them a more nuanced experience. Listening to rock and folk, I found it hard to choose which headphone I enjoyed listening to more. The W60 has definition, while the Vega has some serious weight. Both headphones do a great job in this range.


I really enjoyed the highs on the W60. They’re a little more defined and pronounced than the Campfire Vega. Putting both headphones through the classical music test, I think I preferred the W60. At the same time, the high strings and choirs sounded a little rounder and easier to listen to on the Vega.


This one is almost too close to call. The Campfire Vega has a bit more spaciousness than the Westone W60. But both are an impressive multidimensional experience.

SUMMARY – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Jeez, this is a tough one. I can’t find anything wrong with either the Vega or W60. I love both these headphones so much, I simply can’t pick a favorite.  If you prioritize transparency and balance, the Westone W60 is the way to go. But if you’re a bass head and listen to a lot of pop music, you’ll prefer the Vega. For sure, the Vega has more oomf than the W60. But the sound on the W60 has such great accuracy and separation, that it’s more suitable for critical listening. The Vega is a sturdy, handsomely designed headphone, while the W60 is incredibly light and easy to pop in your ear. At the end of the day, whichever headphone you choose, you’re #winning

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SPECIFICATIONS – Westone W60 Versus Campfire Vega Comparison Review

Campfire Vega Westone W60
Driver Unit Single 8.5mm dynamic driver Six balanced armature drivers with a 3-way crossover
Frequency Response 5 Hz – 40KHz 20 Hz – 20 kHz
SPL 102 dB 25 dB
Impedance 17.6 Ohms 25 Ohms


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