Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review

Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review

Which eye would you rather lose? And what’s better? Pizza or Michael Jackson? Jerry Harvey or Campfire? Ugh, I love both of these brands so much, it hurts. My reasons for comparing the JH 13V2 and the Campfire Andromeda are that they are similar in price, and the mids on both models are a definite highlight. Let’s embark on this dangerous journey in the Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review.

Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review

IN the BOX – Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review

Campfire Andromeda JH 13V2 Pro
Hard leather carrying case with wool inside to keep it warm Machined aluminum carrying case
Litz Cable- MMCX cable, silver plated copper conductors, with Beryllium copper 3.5 mm cable with variable bass and adjustment tool
4 pairs of spinfit tips- xs, s, m, l
3 pairs foam tips- s, m, l 3 pairs of Comply foam tips – s, m l
3 pairs silicone tips- s, m, l 3 pairs of silicone eartips – s, m l
Cleaning tool Cleaning tool
Campfire Audio lapel pin Itsy bitsy screwdriver to adjust bass


FIT – Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review

I found the JH 13V2 to be a better seal. They were also easier to fit into my ears. The simple reason is that the ear tip circumference is much wider on the Andromeda than it is on the JH 13V2. I’m a lady, you see…Do men have wider canals? Listen, I’m not a canal doctor. Anyway, the result is that the JH 13V2 have better sound isolation.

DESIGN and FEATURES – Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review


The JH 13V2 seems a little more resistant to scratches. We reviewers have obsessively listened to the Andromeda for a while now, and I’m starting to notice very tiny nicks around the edges. But its machine aluminum housing is indeed muscular. The gorgeous JH 13V2 has smooth edges and a lacquer type coating. It’s nice to rub when you’re stressed.


The driver situation is this: both headphones have armature drivers. The Andromeda has 5, while the JH 13V2 has 8  (2 low, 2 mid and 2 high). But as my grandmother used to say, “more drivers don’t always mean better sound.” Then there’s JH’s Freqphase Waveguide. It basically means that the time/phase of the drivers are all corrected to work in synchronicity, with each driver signal arriving within 0.01 milliseconds.

Extra Features

One big advantage to the JH 13V2 is that it has an adjustable bass function, located on the cable. Included in JH’s package is a tiny screwdriver, cute as can be. You use it to tune the bass to the desired level. Smart. The bad news is, don’t do it in public. It looks ridiculous. You might as well be playing doll house.

SOUND – Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review

The Andromeda is balanced, super punchy and thick. The JH 13V2 is gentler and more refined, with beautifully sweet highs and incredibly accurate imaging. Both have great clarity in their own ways. No one said this would be easy.


Bass-heads might opt for the JH 13V2 simply because you can crank up the bass to a ridiculous level. However, know that as you turn up the bass, it slightly drowns out the rest of the mix. Still, it’s thicker and deeper than the Andromeda. Personally, I prefer the bass on the Andromeda. It more precise with more grip; it’s tighter and faster than the JH 13V2.


I’m a mid-head. When I first tested the Andromeda, I realized that it might be best IEM I’ve ever heard. But word on the street is that the JH 13V2 is midtastic too. So, what’s the conclusion? The Andromeda is fuller, more solid and more balanced in this range than the JH 13V2. But the JH 13V2 is more subtle/detailed, and this becomes especially clear when listening to acoustic guitars. If you listen mostly to folk, go for the JH 13V2. However…The higher midrange is more emphasized than the lower midrange on the JH13V2. As a result, I found it a little hard on the ears. For me, listening to rock was more of a trip on the Andromeda than it was on the JH 13V2.


I first listened to Whitney Houston to figure this out. She sounds better on the JH 13V2. Silky and smooth, a tad less forward and more delicate. How about jazz? I still preferred the sweetness on the JH 13V2, but the breathiness of the brass was more audible on the Campfire Andromeda. The Andromeda has greater clarity and detail in this range, but I’m a sucker for that velvety feel. And this was so gracefully conveyed in the JH 13V2.


The Andromeda has a wider soundstage, but I got a little more depth listening to the JH 13V2. The JH 13V2 has gorgeous, extremely accurate imaging, and it really made me feel like I was sitting right in front of a small concert stage. In terms of soundstage, I found the JH 13V2 to be a more enjoyable and intimate experience.

SUMMARY – Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review

At the end of the day, the Andromeda gives you more clarity and tonality in the lows and highs. It has more grip and speed. In terms of mids, the Andromeda is fuller and more balanced, while the JH 13V2 focuses on the details. I love the liquid feel of the highs in the JH 13V2. And bass heads who primarily listen to pop, hip-hop and EDM, will probably prefer the JH 13V2. More impressive, is the JH 13V2’s precision of instrument placement. But, I have to say, the JH 13V2’s emphasized high-mids were a turn-off when listening to rock…In terms of overall performance, I still found the Andromeda to be a tad more enjoyable. But both are beautiful.

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SPECIFICATIONS – Campfire Andromeda vs JH Audio 13V2 Pro Review

Campfire Andromeda JH 13V2
Frequency Response 10 Hz – 28 kHz 10 Hz – 20 kHz
Input Sensitivity 115 dB 116 dB
Impedance 12.8 ohms 28 ohms


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