JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

Jerry Harvey named many of his IEM’s after his ex-girlfriends. Actually, no. I don’t know who these ladies are. But if you like it big, warm and smooth, you’re in luck. Let’s explore Lola’s extraordinary quality of sound in this JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review.

JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

IN the BOX – JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

Carrying Case

Wax Tool

Screw Driver, used to adjust the variable bass

Foam ear tip molds (S, M, L)

Silicone tips (S, M, L)

FIT – JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

The Lola is an easy fit and great seal. JH Audio boasts -26dB of noise isolation, and you can definitely sense it. In fact, I was wearing them in the office without music, just to escape from the chatty cathies around me. The memory wire is quite thick, and thus, easy to hook around your ear. It doesn’t contour to your ear like Westone or Shure. But I had no problem keeping them secure with the right sized eartips. The earphones themselves look rather large but they are very light, and I didn’t feel any weight while wearing them.

DESIGN and FEATURES – JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

Unlike the equally priced, 12 driver Roxanne, the Lola carries a measly 8 drivers. But don’t judge a book by its drivers. The Lola is a hybrid, meaning it combines dynamic drivers with balanced armature drivers. 2 B.A. low, 4 B.A. high and 2 dynamic. The detachable cable has a 4-pin connector with an aluminum locking collar. Now for the cool part: like other JH models, the cable is equipped with and adjustable bass function. An teeny meeny screwdriver (included) is used to tune the bass to your taste or genre. And of course, I must mention the FreqPhase Waveguide. It corrects time and phase of all driver signals to deliver their waves in perfect harmony. Peace.

SOUND – JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

Thermal, incredibly kind, captivating and moody. I don’t want to spoil Lola with technical jargon because it would ruin the romance that she embodies. But let’s explore the breakdown:


Boom goes the dynamite! At its factory setting, the lows are frequen low. For some reason, it came out of the box at the max bass setting. Maybe to highlight its warmth. But phew. I couldn’t handle it any lower. I listened to Bruno Mars, and it had serious thump. I reduced the bass a little, which brought out higher frequencies. It made a big difference in sound because, at first, the bass was overwhelming the rest of the mix. Don’t expect an extremely dry, gripping bass. This one resonates a bit. But it’s still perfect for hip-hop, pop and EDM.


Listening to the midrange, you can really sense the dynamic drivers in play. It’s warmer and thicker than other JH models I’ve tried. Though beautifully balanced, it lacks the midrange clarity and detail of the JH 13V2, for example. But the fullness is outstanding. I’m a big sucker for mids, and I wasn’t disappointed. It might be a tad too fat for the smallest subtleties of an acoustic guitar. So, if for some reason, you exclusively listen to folk and bluegrass, maybe move on. But damn. Pop-rock and rock choruses sound huge and amazing. Do yourself a favor, and listen to the Beatles. Wow.


I was in a sentimental mood, so I listened to Coltrane. A very intimate experience indeed. The high sax was round and emotive. The breath was there, while maintaining a silky quality. Velvet clarity. A hard balance to achieve. You’re not going experience any painful brightness with this lady. Even Miles Davis, whose trumpet is often way too piercing for me, was almost bearable. And as far as female vocals go, very airy. Moving onto classical, the strings rolled like calm waves. Soft and supple. Besides rock, it was my favorite genre to listen to on the Lola.


I’ve found that with all JH Audio models, instrument placement is phenomenal. Lola is no exception. The soundstage perhaps doesn’t have as much depth as other JH models I’ve tried, but I was still impressed. Width will not disappoint.

SUMMARY – JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

This is not a critical listening headphone, and it’s clearly not designed to be. But it is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable listening experience of all the models. I’m blown away. I will happily deal with debt collectors if it means owning this IEM. Lola, I love you.

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SPECIFICATIONS – JH Audio Lola Hybrid In-Ear Monitor Review

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Input Sensitivity: 105 @ 1mW

Impedance: 16 Ohms


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