Campfire Audio Announces Supermoon Custom IEMs

The popular IEM manufacturer is updating its customs library with a new model called the Supermoon. Officially launching today, the Supermoon is said to offer a sound signature with velvety low-end, textural mids, and radiant highs. It is designed to be enjoyed by audiophiles and artists alike.

According to Campfire Audio, durability was a huge focus point in designing the Supermoon. A brilliant stainless steel faceplate sets off the design, securing and protecting the earphone’s driver. The 3D printed solid-body design is printed as a single component before being meticulously hand-finished. This means the only moving part in Supermoon is the diaphragm.

Key Features

– All new custom planar magnetic driver
– 3D printed Solid Body Design
– Stainless Steel Faceplate
– Available in two fits: Audiophile and Artist
– Meticulous hand finishing
– Designed and Assembled in Portland, Oregon USA


– User Selected Premium Cable
– Premium Black Leather Zipper Case – Made in Portugal


– Driver Units: Custom Planar Driver

– 2 micron diaphragm

– SPL: 94dB @ 54.0 mVrms

– Earphone impedance: 15.5 ohm @ 1K

– Frequency Response: 5Hz – 20kHz

– Earphone connector: beryllium copper mmcx

The Campfire Audio Supermoon costs $1500 and is available on their website here.

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