Eclispe Finally Releases Its First New Speaker In Seven Years

ECLIPSE has launched a new loudspeaker, the company’s first new model in seven years. The new TD307MK3 is a compact full-range speaker for the modern music lover. Several years in the making, the TD307MK3 benefits from the latest ECLIPSE technologies, ready to deliver today’s high-resolution music. It directly replaces its predecessor, the TD307MK2.

At the heart of the new TD307MK3 is a new high-performance 6.5 cm full-range fiberglass drive unit upgrade (the first time fiberglass has been used in the TD307 series). The new driver is supported by 12 key improvements, many of which help it deliver its full potential.

A new, larger ‘repulsive’ neodymium main and sub-magnet system has been implemented to provide greater power for the new driver. The magnet system not only increases efficiency but perfectly complements the material, helping to deliver a wider frequency response, especially in the bass region: the TD307MK3 has an 80 Hz–25 kHz range.


Frequency response: 80 Hz-25 kHz(-10 dB)

Efficiency/sensitivity: 80 dB/Wm

Input resistance (rating/max): 12.5 W/25 W

Impedance: 8 Ω

Maximum dimensions: 135 × 212 × 184 (WxHxD in mm)

Weight (per speaker): Approx. 2 kg

You can find out more about this new product here.

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