Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

I’m about to compare my two favorite in-ear headphone brands of all time. At the moment, Campfire is a little trendier than JH Audio. But can Campfire’s new contender, the Atlas, compete with the phenomenal Roxanne? It’s going to be a fight between the powerful lows of the Atlas, and the detail and musicality of the 12-driver Roxanne. Let’s see who wins in this Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review.

Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

IN the BOX – Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

Campfire Audio Atlas Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne
Campfire Audio marshmallow tips (s, m, l) Foam ear tip molds (S, M, L)
Silicone eartips (s, m, l) Silicone tips (S, M, L)
Bonus eartips (ss, m, l, ll)
Wax tool Wax Tool
Campfire Audio pin
Black leather zipper case Carrying Case
Screw Driver, used to adjust the variable bass



FIT – Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

The Roxanne uses an around-the-ear memory wire to help secure the fit. The Atlas, unlike most of the other Campfire models, is memory wire free. Some may prefer not having to bother with a memory wire, but know that Campfire earphones have a large tip circumference. As a result, those with smaller ear canals might feel less secure without the wires. The Roxanne also provides better sound isolation. It is the more secure, comfortable fit.

DESIGN – Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

The Atlas has a stainless steel body, while the Roxanne is plastic. As a result, the Roxanne is quite a bit lighter. But in terms of durability, the Atlas looks tougher. That being said, the lacquered plastic on the Roxanne seems well made and resistant to scratches. The Roxanne has a whopping, 12 balanced armature driver setup, while the Atlas has a single 10mm dynamic driver. This is slightly larger than Campfire Vega’s 8.5mm driver. So, I’m expecting huge sound from the Atlas. The Atlas has a pure silver MMCX cable that is new to the Campfire brand, and designed to provide a crazy amount of resolution. The Roxanne comes with a thicker, Mood Audio cable with a 4 pin connector and an adjustable bass. The ability to adjust the bass is a major plus when switching between different genres.

SOUND – Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

The Atlas is defined by its huge bass, soundstage and transparent higher frequencies. The Roxanne is characterized by its clarity, full midrange and silky highs.


Both headphones have serious lows. However, the Atlas has an extra subby feel. The Roxanne, with the bass cranked up to the highest level, is less deep, but dryer with more detail. The Atlas, in comparison, resonates slightly. Setting the bass to the max on the Roxanne causes the lows to bleed into the rest of the mix. With the Atlas, however, the lows are better separated from the higher frequencies. Both sound great listening to pop, hip-hop and EDM.


On the Atlas, the mids are a little scooped but decently balanced. The Roxanne has the better mid-range balance, and the higher mids are more audible. The Roxanne also has a much fuller, richer sound in this range. The Roxanne gives you superior overall detail and a sense of intimacy that is comparatively lacking in the Atlas. Thus, it works better with rock pop-rock and folk.


The highs on the Roxanne are rounder than they are on the Atlas. And the Atlas has a little more transparency in this range. Listening to Mile Davis, for example, the breathiness and texture of the trumpet came out a little more on the Atlas. In terms of classical music, I found the Roxanne more enjoyable because the high strings rolled so elegantly. It’s a more cohesive sound than the Atlas in this range.


The soundstage on the Atlas is quite a but wider than on the Roxanne. It also has more depth. Certainly, listening to the Atlas is a grander, more multidimensional experience.

SUMMARY – Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

If you plan on listening to all genres, especially rock, the Roxanne is a better bet because of the fuller and more detailed midrange. If you’re more of a pop and hip-hop kind a dude, then the Campfire Atlas will probably better suit your needs. I will say, if you’re listening mostly to classical, get the Roxanne. The strings are gorgeous. But at the end of the day, both are fantastic headphones.

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SPECIFICATIONS – Campfire Audio Atlas vs Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne Review

Campfire Audio Atlas JH Audio Roxanne
Frequency Response 5 Hz – 20 kHz 10 Hz – 23 kHz
Input Sensitivity 105 dB 119 dB
Impedance 19 Ohms 15 Ohms