ACIL H1 Hybrid Dual Driver is a Wireless, Affordable Dream

ACIL H1 Hybrid Dual Driver is a Wireless, Affordable Dream

ACIL is a brand that’s completely new to me, until today. Their tiny buds are small, but said to promise mighty sound. Let’s see what they’ve got in store for me. ACIL H1 Wireless in-ear headphones review.

ACIL H1 Hybrid Dual Driver is a Wireless, Affordable Dream

Build & Design

Designed for audiophiles and fitness fiends alike, ACIL H1 Bluetooth Hybrid Dual earphones is built to withstand the rigors and demands of leading an active lifestyle while providing the utmost in sound quality. The outer hardware feels durable and is water resistant at an IP rating of IPX5. According to ACIL, the H1’s “acoustic ports are positioned to resist sweat and weather” and a “hydrophobic cloth keeps moisture out” so sweating in the gym and running in the rain should be A-ok.


ACIL H1 is equipped with an in-line remote and controller. The remote allows users to complete a multitude of functions besides pause/play, skip forward/backward, and adjusting the volume. In fact, hitting the multifunction twice redials the last number you called. Don’t confuse this for skipping forward a track – you might end up calling your boss. Press and hold the “-” button to skip forward and the “+” button to skip back. From the controller you can also reject a call and even transfer a call. Fancy for a $60 wireless bud. To boot, ACIL H1 features magnets in the end of each earpiece allowing users to safely clasp their buds around their neck when not in use.


The buds connect fairly easy to your smart device. By pressing and holding down the multifunction button, the buds automatically move into pairing mode. ACIL H1 is uses Bluetooth 4.1 with a variety of Bluetooth profiles (HSP, A2DP, HFP, AVRCP) to retain a quality connection up to 33 feet. Also, the buds possess an impressive run time of 11 hours when the competition hangs on at 7.5-8 hours of playtime. ACIL H1 takes about 2 hours to rejuice.


These earphones are built with hybrid dual-drivers to provide the best audio at an affordable price, according to ACIL. The H1 holds a Knowles balanced armature driver “adopted for high frequency, delivering clear and brilliant treble, while the dynamic driver operates in mid-low frequency, delivering accurate and powerful bass.” And, here are my findings. I’m extremely into the sound quality here. The aforementioned, is no hyperbole. The buds sound phenomenal, especially for the price. The layering between the various elements of the music (lows, mids, and highs) are just right in tat they allow every layer to breathe and shine on its own. The bass is full, deep and rich. The mids are lush and full of life and detail. The highs are my favorite in that female vocals glitter above the rest of the music. High-pitched wind instruments as well as treble are all very clear and the right amount of forward without becoming the slightest bit bright. These buds are truly a pleasant and affordable surprise. Basically, any genre can benefit from the ACIL H1.

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Frequency Response Range: 15Hz-22kHz
Bluetooth Version: 4.1
Battery Life: 11 Hrs
Charging Time: 2Hrs
Water Resistance Rating: IPX5

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