CanJam New York 2020 Announcements (Updated 2/13/20)

Okay, my fellow audio nerds. On February 15th-16th, there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet at the Marriott in Times Square. So, it’s time to break open your piggy banks and spend some cashola on a few new toys. What kind of goodies will be waiting for you? Let’s take a look at some CanJam New York 2020 Announcements.

Deals and Giveaways

First, let’s take a peek at some of the giveaways being offered. Final Audio never disappoints when it comes to freebies. And this year is no exception. The company will be giving away free special edition Piano Forte IEMs (with plastic shells) with every purchase of one of their products.  They will also include a special Balanced cable 4.4mm or 2.5mm with purchase of A8000, and quantity is limited.

Our buddies at Audio46 also have some treats up their sleeves. Here are some of the highlights you’ll be able to find at their booth:

  • 64 Audio: 15% off all universal-fit IEMs and their custom counterparts
  • Audio-Technica: 15% off all headphones (products already on sale are not included)
  • Audeze: 15% off
  • Grado: 10% off
  • Chord: 10% off
  • Dali: 15% off
  • Dunu: Check booth for show specials
  • Fostex: 15% off show special
  • Empire Ears: 15% off CIEMs, 20% off UIEMs
  • Etymotic: ER2 SE and ER2 XR for $120; ER3 SE and ER3 XR for $150
  • Final Audio: 15% off on B1, B2, B3, SON 3m SON 6 (ask about other models too)
  • iFi Audio: Check booth for details
  • Klipsch: Check booth for details
  • Sennheiser: $400 off HD820, HDV820 (check booth for other sale items)
  • Noble Audio: 20% off universal IEMs
  • Hifiman: Check booth for details
  • SIVGA: 10% off
  • Strauss and Wagner: 10% off all items not already on sale
  • Westone: 15 % off
  • Woo Audio: 10 % off
  • Ultrasone: 15% off all products not on sale

New Products


The past meets the future with the SA700. A throwback to past AK designs, the new DAP marries current technologies with a time-honored appearance. Astell&Kern has taken the original design of the 2012 AK120 and redesigned it into a more refined form. SA700 is the first DAP to use a AK4492ECB. It has a lower power consumption and similar audio performance compared to AK4497EQ, making it the best DAC for a portable DAP. In short, it’s a stainless steel beast in a cute little package. In fact, I just bought it. No regrets. I’ll live out of my car. #worthit. Anyway, it’s much less than the SP2000. 1299 bucks should cover it.


Audeze recently released it’s most affordable LCD to date, the LCD-1. Sporting a super lightweight, foldable design and reference sound signature, these cans are ideal for musicians on the run from collections agents. 

Gamers can get their Cheetos covered fingers on the LCD-GX. These babies sport LCD Planar Magnetic drivers, which are at least twice the size of those found in other gaming headphones. Expect better bass, superior soundstage, and outstanding resolution suitable not just for gaming, but for monitoring, mixing, and editing audio.


If you’re an audio perv, feast your eyes on Audio-Technica’s WP900. It’s probably going to be the best looking headphone at the show. I’ve also reviewed these cans on MajorHiFi. And though I’m not usually an Audio-Technica fan, I was kinda drooling over these things. Clean and tight with glittering highs and a trippy soundstage, they would be my number one pick this year for the best on-the-go headphones. All you have to do is shell out $650.

And let’s not forget their new flagship IEMs, the IEX1. They sport a hybrid 4 driver design with shiny titanium shells. Selling at $1299, you’ll be able to take these earbuds for a test drive before you dish out the big bucks. 

CHORD Electronics

How’s your buddy Hugo? Do you miss him when you’re away from home? Well, now you can take him with you. Chord is releasing the 2Go, a wireless streaming device for your Hugo DAC/amp.

Dan Clark Audio

If you’ve spent all day at CanJam looking for the MrSpeakers booth, get with the damn program. MrSpeakers is now Dann Clarke Audio. And the company has released open and close-back Aeon 2, which is getting tons of accolades. Personally, I think both Aeon 2 models sound infinitely better than the Aeon Flow. Priced at $899, be sure to give them a listen. 


What do you call a piece of ham sitting in between two hot new headphones? A Dali sandwich. The IO-6 and IO-4 are designed and engineered in Denmark, these noise-cancelling cans are made of paper. Well, they have a paper fibre cone. The IO’s custom 50 mm paper fibre cone apparently “creates the most natural, transparent and authentic DALI sound with low distortion and colouration, reproducing music exactly as the artist intended. MajorHiFi is currently reviewing the Dali iO-6 and iO-4, and the feedback from our reviewers is pretty good. So, give them a try.



Dunu is also riding the beryllium driver wave with its release of the LUNA. In addition, Dunu has employed grade 5 titanium for the housing of this model. The company states that the LUNA produces reference tuning and promises “deep and natural imaging, even and smooth from top to bottom, and maximized for extension at both ends.” The Luna is apparently the most detailed, transparent and “sumptuous” sounding earbuds ever designed by Dunu. We, at MajorHiFi have yet to test these puppies out. So, you may be fighting us for them at CanJam. 

More announcements to come leading up to CanJam. So, stay tuned for updates.

Final Audio

Now, let’s talk Beryllium. CanJam is Beryllium city this year, as Final Audio is showcasing it’s much anticipated A8000 IEM. Retailing at $1999, the A8000 is one of the first IEMs sporting a pure beryllium diaphragm. That’s right, beryllium is no longer just used in speakers and spaceships. I tested these babies in our MajorHiFi review, and I have to say, it’s one of the most unique sounding IEM’s I’ve ever listened to. So, give it a try.


Two words for you hip-dac. And here are some more words. The hip-dac is iFi’s latest DAC/amp release. The cutest, hippest DAC with a 4.4mm balanced output that will unfold MQA all for 149 bucks.

See you there!

Note to manufacturers: If you have a product showcasing at CanJam that you think deserves some attention, shoot us an e-mail.


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