New Release CanJam NYC 2018 AKG N5005 Piano Black

New Release CanJam NYC 2018 AKG N5005 Piano Black

CanJam NYC 2018 AKG N5005. High-end in-ear monitors that cut the cord are certainly becoming all the rage. With consumers constantly looking to go wireless while audiophiles press manufacturers for hi-res sound, AKG has cooked up a five driver solution with interchangeable filters and Bluetooth. Introducing AKG N5005 Piano Black.

New Release CanJam NYC 2018 AKG N5005 Piano Black

The sleek-looking buds comprised of durable, high-gloss ceramic look awfully familiar to the AKG 3003i  and that’s because they’re are the 3003i’s replacement. The housings are the same rounded cylindrical shape, but the contents are quite different.

AKG N5005 is designed with five drivers – four balanced armatures and a single dynamic driver for an immersive experience that is accurate and detailed while providing a rich low end. Users have the ability to further customize their listening experience with four exchangeable sound filters: bass, reference, mid-high, and high. Unlike other tunable (is that a word?) IEMs, users can do so by simply screwing the filters on; these buds don’t require a tuning instrument.

Also, these buds are able to provide wearers with the ability to cut the cord. AKG N5005 ships with three different cables: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and a Bluetooth equipped cable. The latter support such up to 8 hours of wireless use. This is similar to that of Westone and Shure’s Bluetooth cable minus the water resistant coating.

AKG N5005 will be available in March 2018 for $999.99.

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CanJam NYC 2018 AKG N5005 Specs

Frequency Response: 10Hz-40kHz

Impdance: 18ohms

Sensitivity: 116dB

Airline Adapter

SpinFit Eartips





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