Ultrasone Pro 780i Headphones Review

Ultrasone recently introduced the Ultrasone Pro 780i, which follows its predecessor, the HFI 780. Ultrasone claims that their new and improved model has the same sound features as the HFI 780, but with more comfort around the ears. Today, we’ll be putting the Ultrasone Pro 780i to the sound test and deciding whether the headphones are indeed comfortable.



1 pair of artificial leather ear cushions

1 pair of silver velour ear cushions and a bag

2.5 m straight cable with a 3.5 mm jack and screw on 6.3 mm adapter



When putting on the Ultrasone Pro 780i with their artificial leather ear pads, they feel a little too firm. I had trouble keeping my glasses straight. And my head isn’t huge. They kind of press on your jaw bones a bit. Having said that, you get used to it (maybe they stretch), and the headphones do a great job of isolating sound. Luckily, these headphones come with a pair of soft ear cushions, which make the listening sessions a more comfortable.




The lows aren’t super pronounced on the Ultrasone Pro 780i, but they are very clear. Listening to pop and hip-hop on these was fun because of their great transparency. They’re not the warmest sound, but I didn’t mind this at all. In fact, it was refreshing to hear so much bass clarity without the heaviness.



Once you leave the pop world and enter rock and roll, things become a little less impressive, specifically in the mids. They’re a little hollow, and this became clear especially when listening to anthemic songs, where you really want the chorus to have depth and breadth.



The highs on the Ultrasone Pro 780i aren’t fantastic, but not bad. There’s a little too much sizzle here and there, which was disappointing, because there’s many things I like about these headphones. Classical music is a good experience because the strings really come out to play. Guitars in the higher range have a sweet quality.  I put every headphone I review to The Beatles test, and George Harrison’s solo on Something sounded nice.



The soundstage and imaging is my favorite thing about these cans. Live recordings sound very realistic, and there’s a nice, penetrating spaciousness that makes you want to keep listening.


There are a lot of impressive aspects of the Ultrasone Pro 780i.  Vocals have a beautiful presence, this imaging is fantastic, and again, the lows have a nice clarity. If your don’t mind their firmness, and if you especially like listening to live music, you’ll enjoy these.

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System: Closed Back

Impedance: 35 Ohms

Frequency Range: 10-26,000 Hz

SPL: 96 dB

Drivers: 40mm gold-coated Mylar sound transducers

Weight: 295 g

Cable: 2.5 m

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Ultrasone Pro 780i Headphones

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