CAPE Headphones 3D Wireless Active Noise Cancelling

CAPE headphones are constructed to give you a more immersive and 3-D listening experience in a beautifully crafted chassis.

CAPE Headphones

With a body as beautiful as Bang & Olufsen or Jays headphones, CAPE is the world’s first 3D wireless noise cancelling headphones. It does so by housing digital signal processing technology. The DSP chip along with reverberation algorithms create a three dimensional soundstage which gives the listener a 360 immersive listening sesh. This experience is further heightened by a head-related transfer function (HRTF), which is a response that characterizes how an ear receives sound from a point in space, thus making the sound more like how we hear the environment around us.

CAPE Headphones 3D Wireless Active Noise Cancelling

The housing is also crafted to enhance the 3D experience. The acoustic chamber and speakers are ergonomically angled with a honeycomb design to create “the largest sound possible.” Moreover, CAPE Rebellion headphones deviate from traditional coil systems which can cause distortion in your music. CAPE buffers the voice coil to keep it from “vibrating against the inside of the speakers, giving you only the purest sound.”

These revolutionary cans feature all the bells and whistles of other hands-free devices, including voice calling and wireless controls built into the ear cups. Using Bluetooth 4.2 and AptX technology listeners should hear crystal clear CD-like audio without any connectivity issues when paired with smart device within 32 feet.CAPE Headphones 3D Wireless Active Noise Cancelling

A companion app allows users to adjust the listening point to create their perfect spatial audio effect.

CAPE headphones are available via Indiegogo at the Super Early Bird price of $189. CAPE Rebellions will ship to backers in November 2016.

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