Capri: Hi-res Earphone and DAC all in one

Capri: Hi-res Earphone and DAC all in one

In 2016 Apple released the new iPhone 7 with a brand new design excluding the analog headphone jack. And the Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to be meeting the same fate in early 2017. Now audiophiles are left wondering how they’ll be listening to their music if they don’t want to go the wireless route. Well Advanced Acoustic Werkes thinks they have the perfect solution with the introduction of the Capri Digital Earphone with Hi-Res DAC.

Capri is a hi-resolution earphone and digital audio converter all in one package. The audio is converted directly through the Capri Balanced Lightning Cable and it’s no bigger than a standard set of earphone wires. The Capri cable only takes up 2% of the battery life and functions as a controller for your Apple device as well. It boasts 24-bit hi-resolution playback full phone functionality via the 3-button controls.

Capri Balanced Lightning Cable Features

  • Lightning Connection Enabled
  • 24-bit Hi-Res Playback
  • Direct Balanced Output
  • Supports 2-Pin, MMCX and more
  • High Purity OCC Copper Wiring
  • Full Phone Call / Remote / Siri Functions
  • iOS app with Firmware Updates
  • Official MFI Approved

The Capri Balanced Lightning Cable can also be paired with the Capri In-Ear Monitor. The Capri UIEM (Universal In-Ear Monitor) has a 8.2mm Beryllium Physical Vapor Deposited diaphragm with Neodymium magnet micro-drivers. The UIEM also has a frequency range of 10Hz – 40kHz and resistance of only 42Ohms.

Capri Universal In-Ear Monitor Features

  • 8.2 Beryllium Full Range Diaphragm
  • Neodymium Magnet Micro Driver
  • Interchangeable Nozzle with 3 Sound Settings
  • Recessed 2-Pin Connectivity
  • Carbon Fibre Faceplate with Engineering Thermoplastic Shell

The Capri Audiophile Earphone with Hi-Res DAC is available exclusively through the Advanced Acoustic Werkes IndieGogo page in several different packages. Backers can choose to pre-order the cable or in-ear monitors separately or together. Other packages include several cables bundled or even the W900 Custom In-Ear Exclusive. The W900 In-Ear Monitor is a special 9-driver monitor which includes TrueXross technology. There’s still a couple of months left for the fundraising and then products are due to be shipped in March 2017.

For ordering information:–2#/

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