Catalyst Wireless Earbuds

Catalyst Wireless Earbuds

Setting out to fix five fatigues of the everyday earbuds user, Zipbuds headphones company has invented Catalyst wireless earbuds.

Catalyst Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality is one of the issues tackled by Zipbuds. Their Catalyst wireless earbuds were designed with two different drivers that work in tandem to provide unparalleled audio quality to the listener. As Zipbuds explains, each earbud contains “a balanced armature driver to control the highs and mid frequencies, and a dynamic driver to isolate the low frequencies, acting as a built-in subwoofer.” In unison, the drivers are able to create a hybrid system that uses a crossover communication process to “to tell both drivers not only what sound to produce but what sound not to produce. When paired together, the drivers can focus both on their strengths and not worry about their weaknesses.” Also, the buds include an attached microphone that is tuned to better detect the human voice and filter out ambient noise meaning your vocal audio should be just as clear and precise as your music.

Catalyst wireless earbuds are also waterproof. The sporty earphones have the ability to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a time and still remain functional thanks to a hydrophobic proprietary coating. According to Zipbuds, every single part of the headphones have been covered in the coating making it more waterproof than the Apple Watch.

Catalyst Wireless Earbuds

Catalyst headphones have also been designed to provide a more comfortable and balanced fit. The earbuds feature an ergonomic sport fin to secure the tips in your ears. Orders also include three different size earbud stabilizers, three different size high-intensity fitness locks, three pairs of dual-shot silicone tips, and three sets of different size memory foam tips which adds up to about 144 different fit combinations – so there should be a match for every ear. In addition, the neck strap connecting the two ear buds are fashioned with weight stabilizers (that weigh about as much as a quarter) for a more balanced feel while working out. The weightless stabilization system is said to meld with the natural curves and movements of your body.

These cans are also Bluetooth capable which usually means very low battery life. However, Zipbuds created a nifty solution to an all too common issue. A quick five minute charge will supply Catalyst with one hour of battery life while a two hour charge fully juices the buds. The battery attaches to the buds magnetically for additional power, totaling 15 hours of play and talk time.

Lastly, Zipbuds wanted to ensure the headphones looked both stylish and sleek whether you are working out at the gym or running errands around town. Catalyst wireless earbuds are available in color combos white & rose gold and black & space grey.

Catalyst wireless earbuds are currently available on Kickstarter at the Super Early Bird rate of $149 which is $100 cheaper than the suggested retail price. Orders will ship to backers in January 2017.

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