Phantom Air Tuneable Wireless Earbuds

Phantom Air Tuneable Wireless Earbuds

Truly wireless earbuds are fighting for our attention and I’d say these buds definitely got mine. Meet Phantom Air tuneable wireless earbuds.

Phantom Air Tuneable Wireless Earbuds

Coming to you from the UK is Trinity Audio‘s Phantom Air earbuds. These wireless in-ear monitors were designed with each type of listener in mind. With specialized tuning filters available for bass heads, treble-lovers, and neutral Nancy’s alike, I’m led to believe these headphones have a little something for everyone. The Phantom Air can be tuned with five different filters for you to customize your preference.

However, a filter is not the only piece of hardware that will affect the sound. That being said, Phantom Air wireless earbuds also hold 7 mm titanium dynamic drivers that should be able to provide clear, crisp, and concise sound over the frequency response range of 20-20,000 Hertz operating on an impedance of 16 ohms. In addition, Phantom Air supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology with aptX and AAC to deliver CD-like quality audio.

Phantom Air Tuneable Wireless Earbuds

This is all fine and dandy, but an issue facing most truly wireless buds is that the signal between most earbuds and cell phones constantly drop out, meaning skips in your music and calls. Phantom Air has taken one step further to ensure a quality listening experience. They’ve implemented a double antenna system, with one inside the earbud and the other hidden on the outside, to hopefully rid your buds of this issue.

When it comes to fit, the earpieces are ergonomically shaped to nestle themselves securely into the groove of your ears. The exterior is also comprised of CNC precision machined Aluminium and a splash proof coating. Orders ship with a number of different tips for a just as customizable fit as your auditory experience.

Lastly, these buds provide a little over the standard truly wireless life span of 2 hours at 3-4 hours. A charging case which holds up to 10 additional charges is also included, giving you about 30 total hours of use. Not bad!

Trinity Audio’s Phantom Air tuneable wireless earbuds are available through Kickstarter at the Super Early Bird price of $117 USD before they hit the market at $194.50. Orders are expected to ship in November.

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