Cayin Announces N3Pro For Pre-Order

Available to pre-order now is the N3Pro for Cayin, a new portable audio player with balanced 800mW headphone outputs, and a vacuum tube.


The N3Pro implements solid-state and vacuum tubes for a “dual timbre” design. The solid-state ensures more transparency in dynamics and separation, while the tubes produce a smooth and warm output. Another major highlight of the N3Pro is its triode and ultra-linear dual operation mode that optimizes your music for different presentations.

Dual DAC

Cayin has put two AKM chipsets in the N3Pro with the purpose of decoding more samples with better dynamic range and resolution.


The N3Pro is made with a custom-built lithium battery and a carefully tuned power management system. Cayin aims for 11 hours of continuous playback for the solid-state, and 9 hours for the vacuum tube, and 4.4mm phone out.

The N3Pro gives you a choice between a 4.4 balanced out and a 3.5mm out for your headphones. The USB out makes this DAP compatible with a variety of outboard gear.

Cayin N3Pro is available for pre-order at Audio 46

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