Cervelio Emotion Detection Headphones

Reimagine your musical experience with Cervelio, biofeedback sensing headphones that will use your emotions to create a playlist.

Cervelio Emotion Detection Headphones

This is truly a piece of tech I am excited to see come to life.

The headphones will actually be a set of earbuds. The initial photographs pictured on Indiegogo are a pair of buds connected to a headband. However, the Italy-based company says the actual model will be a pair of truly wireless buds.Cervelio

Cervelio will work in tandem with a companion app to store data on your emotions, habits, reactions, and more.

At the moment the company will be using data aggregated from the field test prototype to further refine the model. Those who receive it will have the opportunity to send in the field test prototype and receive a fully-functioning market model once it is released.

The first iteration of Cervelio emotion sensing earbuds are available on Indiegogo for a $79 USD. The first prototype will be released in December and we will most certainly be filling you all in with details.

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