Necksound A Smart Wireless Music-Playing Necklace


Another wireless option to keep you equally safe and entertained while commuting and working out, meet Necksound, the music-playing necklace.

Necksound A Smart Wireless Music-Playing Necklace

Safety is the primary concern of Necksound. Created after CEO Alvaro Morillo was nearly struck by a car while wearing headphones. Afterwards, he would go out for his daily run with his headphones around his neck. Subsequently, Necksound was born.

The hypoallergenic wearable is made of silicone and features Bluetooth technology to pair with your smart device. Bluetooth 4.0 will keep the necklace pumping out tunes for up to 6 hours. The head-free headphones will supply users with the standard frequency response range of 20-20,000 Hertz.

The wireless device that frees up your hands and head features two speakers that are be positioned right below your ears. The speakers shoot sound waves directly to your ears and nowhere else meaning your neighbor won’t be able to hear your music. Smart controls on the front of the headband give wearers the ability to switch back and forth between songs, adjust the volume, and take calls. Necksound is able to store up to 4 GB of memory giving you about 1000 songs at your disposal when you don’t want to engage your cellphone.

A secure fit is often a concern with in-ear buds and over-ear headphones, with Necksound users may worry about the music-playing necklace constantly hitting their chest. The creators thought of everything, installing a magnetic attachment system which users can attach to their t-shirt. It stops the device moving around when practicing any kind of sport.

Those interested in snagging a pair should head over to Kickstarter where the cable-free wearable can be purchased for a discounted rate of $99 USD. Necksound will ship to backers in March 2017.

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